McGuigan’s transfer – Liverpool £200 better off

McGuigan’s transfer to Middlesbrough is a great compliment to Liverpool. He had been practically a reserve for some time; it was to fill a temporary vacancy that he was trotted out against the Teesiders at Anfield on November 1st, and they were so taken with him that they negotiated for his acquisition at once.

It says much for the visitors’ common sense that they could appreciate the man who helped to beat them so much; there are some teams that would have sought to main him. Middlesbrough annexed him, and made him useful instead, and Liverpool are £200 better off, and the Northerners have got a bargain.

McGuigan is quite the idol of Middlesbrough crowds. They worship what in Liverpool was considered to be only a second class article. I wonder what sort of honours the Teesiders would pay him if they ever captured a real live Liverpool first team player.

Copyright - Lancashire Evening Post - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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