Sam Raybould: The new centre forward

Raybould did not make an altogether successful first appearance for Liverpool against West Bromwich Albion. He missed two glorious open goals – worked for them hard, worked his way right up to Reader, and then failed to score in the simplest fashion. It is that final touch, though, that shows the true artist.

The new centre forward did not yield to the common temptation of trying to hit the goalkeeper with the ball. If he had tried to he would have stamped himself a novice, although he had been playing football from his infancy. Novices always try to perforate the goaler with the ball.

Raybould has a bit more gumption than that, and excuses for him can be found in plenty without having to be manufactured. It was his first experience of First League football since he left Derby County; it was his first appearance for Liverpool as well, and if nervousness is not natural and excusable under the circumstances, then the football public is a Pharoah of a task master.

In speed and command of the ball Raybould quite realised expectations. He is the most likely successor to George Allan that Liverpool have yet had. He will not make the local public forget Allan – they cherish his memory too much for that. But I rather think the recollection of the Kyles and Hunters has been blotted out, and that Raybould will prove to be that centre forward for whom Liverpool have been searching high and low with the persistency of “Japhet in search of his father.” And there is a touch of irony in the fact that they found him under their very nose after they had scoured the rest of the country in vain.

Copyright - Lancashire Evening Post - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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