SAS are on fire for Liverpool but are Suarez and Sturridge really perfect partners?

They are the first Liverpool strike partnership to hit 20 goals each in a single season since Ian St John and Roger Hunt 50 years ago.
They are only the third duo since the Barclays Premier League started in 1992 to both reach that individual landmark, too, following Peter Beardsley and Andy Cole in 1993-94 and Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard from 2009-10.
This season Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge have together out-scored three quarters of teams in the top flight with their 48 goals.

To me, to you...
Suarez completed 82 per cent of 50 passes against Sunderland but only two of the 50 were to Sturridge.
Sturridge completed 72.7 per cent of 22 passes and only three were to Suarez.

But are they on a different ethereal plane to the rest of the league?
Do they have the same almost telepathic understanding as Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke at Manchester United in the late 1990s?
Do they combine like Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton at Blackburn Rovers or Kevin Phillips and Niall Quinn at Sunderland?

As Aristotle once proclaimed: 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.'

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers didn't put it quite so majestically, but echoed those wise words, saying: 'They are not a pair, for me. They are individual players that play up in a system that works very well.
'They’re soloists. They can combine, they do look for each other but they are more individual talents who play up there.'
If they are soloists, then they are both up on the main stage trying to play their instrument louder and in a more outrageous manner than the other.
'The most important thing for me is the team,' Rodgers added. 'As long as both of them contribute to the team, both with and without the ball, then hopefully they can both go on to become greats.'

They are not far off, closing in on Beardsley and Cole's league record of 55.
With Sturridge's 20th of this campaign against Sunderland on Wednesday they moved to within seven goals.
Sturridge even admitted afterwards: 'It's not about myself.' But then he didn't put it down to his pal Luis, either, instead giving the credit to the Almighty Lord.

They will at times combine, but neither is remotely bothered when they hit a wildly ambitious effort off target when a far easier pass to the other was an option. Sturridge is certainly not shy of having a moan when he feels Suarez should have given him the ball.
The pair are not overly concerned with passing to each other during games – not that strikers incessantly pass to each other during matches – and when the ball is in and around the box they both have one thing on their mind.
And it certainly didn't hinder Sturridge when the Uruguayan missed the start of the season through suspension and he netted six goals in the opening five games.
But none of that has stopped them both scoring at a frightening rate.
The whole may be greater than the sum of its parts, but if they keep on scoring at this rate even Aristotle's fellow Greek Pythagoras would struggle to add it up.

Sturridge on Suarez...
Sportsmail's Matt Lawton spoke to Daniel Sturridge earlier this month. Suarez likened his partnership with Suarez to some from years ago. He talks of ‘Shearer and Sutton’ as well as ‘Yorke and Cole’ and ‘Bergkamp and Henry’. He says: ‘I love watching the footage they run of old Premier League seasons. I can sit and watch for hours. Yorke and Cole were innovators in the way they played together. That season in ’99. Brilliant.’ 

Suarez on Sturridge
Suarez reckons defences become bamboozled when they face the Premier League's two deadliest marksmen. In a recent interview with Four Four Two, he said: 'The best thing is that defences aren't only looking at what Suarez is doing. We create space for each other, and for our team-mates to take advantage of. If we're marked, then it means someone else isn't.' 

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