Murray heads for Leeds

Yesterday the Leeds City Club added David Bruce Murray, of the Liverpool Club to their list of players. Murray is a native of Busby, near Glasgow, and is 22 years of age. He played with Everton two seasons ago.

Last season, and during the present season, he has played for Liverpool, and Mr. Gillies, the Leeds City manager, arranged on Wednesday night with the directors of the Liverpool Club for his transfer, the amount agreed upon being £130.

Murray is about 5ft. 9in. in height, and weighs 12st. 4lb. He is of sturdy build and comes to Leeds with excellent credentials. His position is full back, left or right, and he will play in the Leeds back division in the match with Bristol City at Elland Road to-morrow.

Neither Ray nor Macdonald has been quite fit for duty recently, and Murray will take the place of one or the other in to-morrow’s engagement. With the exception of Murray for either of the backs named, the Leeds City team for the match with Bristol will be constituted as in the recent engagements, all the other players being sound and well.

The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 08-12-1905 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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