West Ham like lambs to slaughter

Played at Anfield in beautiful weather, before 40,000 spectators. The ground was in good condition. Liverpool played Ferguson at centre half, vice Lowe, McKinlay figuring at left half. On the southerners’ side Rothwell appeared at full back, and Randall, vice Casey at outside left.

The home team had practically all the opening play, and scored after six minutes, Lacey netting from Sheldon’s pass. Randall equalised for West Ham, and Miller gave Liverpool the lead. Miller then went through West Ham’s defence, but hesitated and missed a glorious opportunity of increasing the lad. The visitors’ goal narrowly escaped a few minutes later, Hughes scraping the ball round the post, and a great shot from Puddefoot was cleverly saved by Campbell. Then Lacey brilliantly scored a third goal from thirty yards. Following this West Ham pressed, but the Liverpool defence was steady. Randall struck the side of the net for the Londoners, and from a corner Miller scored another goal for the home side. Interval: Liverpool, 4 goals; West Ham, 1 goal.

Liverpool were decidedly the superior side in the first half, and they played much the better football. When the game was resumed West Ham improved considerably, and Campbell was twice called on, but the home defence was safe. Ashton later tested Campbell, and the visitors were clever for the time, but Metcalf added a fifth goal for Liverpool. The visitors attacked persistently without success, and the home team triumphed with ease.

Published in Newcastle Journal, 26-02-1914 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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