The funeral of Tom Watson

A cool corner of Anfield Cemetery had been chosen. The sun’s rays shaded his last restingplace. “Tom” was buried there. The day was beauteously fine, and the setting of the last act was all peaceful. The whole sportsworld seemed to be represented. The late manager of the Liverpool Football Club had no enemies and the far-stretching reach of his works – charity being placed No. 1 – was in a measure shown by the representative gathering which attended to pay its last tribute to an ensteemed man. The body was borne to its resting-place by old and famed players of the club: Raisbeck, Maurice Parry (in his regimentals), Charles Wilson, Goddard, Ted Doig, Bobbie Robinson, and Trainers Fleming and Connell. The following players of the past season were present: - J. Hewitt, T. Fairfoul, K. Campbell, A. Metcalf, D. McKinlay, J. Parkinson, J. Sheldon, R. Terriss, J. Scott, H. Lowe, E. Longworth, E. Scott, P. Bratley, M. McQueen, W. Connell, G. Patterson, and R. Riley.

From far and near came the football club representatives. A bossum chum in Mr. John J. Bentley was much affected by his friend’s passing hence, and others I noticed were Mr. R. Kyle, of Sunderland, Mr. Frank Watt, of Newcastle, Mr. Oliver (Newcastle’s chairman and relative to the deceased), Villa’s chairman and secretary, and representatives of Wolverhampton, Stockport, Blackpool, Barnsley, Grimsby, Manchester United and City, and Bolton clubs. Scottish clubs, where Tom was so well-known sent their “bearers,” and I noticed Willie Maley present, also Mr. A.J. Dickinson, of the League Management Committee and Wednesday F.C.

The “Union Jack Day” Committee and the “Belgian Flag Day” Committee were represented by Messrs. W.W. Kelly (chairman), Lewis Peake, Tom Bush, Tom Wood, W.A. Crouch, G. Stretch, Will Jones, John Gaffney, T. Audley (Liverpool Cyclists’ Carnival Committee), Harry Walker (hon. Secretary), T. Smith (assistant secretary), and, J. Mulligan.

There was large attendance of brethren from the Masonic lodges. Various bowling associations were represented by Messrs. A.A. Newlands, W. Harrison, W. Dobell, G.H. Dale (Manchester), H. Wright, A.E. Haynes, J. Hewitt, R. Smethurst, J. Denaro, T. Preston, A. Clinton, J.L. Leyland, A.G. Bell, W.D. White, J. Hughes, T. Page, N.C. Gibb, T. Harthill, F.E. Kitchen, T. Kendall, W. Jones, F. Perks, T.W. Smith, J. Reynolds.
The Liverpool Football Club directors (Messrs. John Asbury, John McKenna, W.R. Williams, A. Worgan, R.L. Martindale, T. Crompton, E.A. Bainbridge, and W.C. Briggs), and Dr. Ferguson attented and the Rev. W.L. Hann conducted the service. Another clergyman present was the Rev. Herbert Dunnico.

Photo by Steve Bainbridge

Journalism was represented by Messrs. J.A.H. Catton and H. Hartley (“Athletic News”), E. Edwards and F.E. Hughes (“Liverpool Daily Post” and “Liverpool Echo”), J. Sager, T. Wales, and F. McNeil (“Liverpool Courier” and “Liverpool Express”).

The general body of mourners included Alderman Simon Jude, Messrs. T.H. Blair (former secretary of the Casuals F.C.), Tom McInerney, Edwin Berry, H.P. Cleaver (clerk to West Derby Guardians), Dr. Whitford, J. Lorimer, T.L. Hudson, A.E. Clinton, T. Heaton, W.J. Whitehead, R.H. Bamber, H. Neill, T. Jones, W. Buckley, J. Smith, Dr. Bogle, John Fare, Dr. W.H. Wright, N. Gibb, William Scattergood, James Hampson, H. Durry, G.F. Cullen, T.E. Kendall, Thomas Keates, H. Coleman, Thomas Molloy, T. Swift, C.F. Oakes, William Sandham, S. Hayes, J. Edwards, Dr. Unsowrth, T. Purcell, J.P. Grant, Dr. Johnston, A. Lomax, L. Helliwell, J. Bond, J. Hampson, J. Carroll, H. Jones, J. Sadler, W.E. Chaloner, T. Cuff, W. Ashcroft, G.B. Davies, F.G. Herrod, F. Skuce, J. Cato.

R.E. Lythgoe, D.S. Lamont, and J. Grant (representing the Liverpool County F.A), R. Alty, J.P. Breckenridge, and C. Porter (South Liverpool Club), W. Steadman (Wednesday League), H.T. Halliday (Hospital Cup), F. Hargreaves (Lancashire Combination), Fitzroy Norris (nineteen years a referee), W. Jackson, John Elliott (Everton trainer), T. Jackson (Northern Nomads), F.J. Hoyle, H. Dutton Holt (Stanley Cricket Club), and F. Sugg.

The number of wreaths, including tributes from the Liverpool and Everton clubs, was more than one hundred, and represented all the leading football associations.

Copyright - Liverpool Echo, 11-05-1915 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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