Catching up with… “Liverpool: The Complete Record"

We recently asked Arnie Baldursson – editor of the impressive website and co-author of the recently published “Liverpool: The Complete Record” – how the book has gone and all about it’s launch.

We asked Arnie how the book has been received so far…

“The book has been very well received and gone really beyond what we expected. I and Gudmundur both live in Iceland, so we made a special trip to Liverpool in October to launch the book where we gathered all our collaborators and friends we have made in the city throughout the years. We signed copies at Waterstone’s with Tommy Smith and Ron Yeats.. Nice to see that Tommy hasn’t lost his touch..He wouldn’t be able to be on any broadcast as it would only be continuous bleeps.”

Icelandic duo Arnie and Gudmundur Magnusson launched the book last year in Liverpool…

“We did the press tour and were certainly well received and thanked for the service provided by’s database. We enjoyed being on the “Liverpool Library” at, though a bit disappointed that Claire Rourke didn’t interview us. We had to settle for Matt Critchley who actually volunteered to be our press representative (we hold you to that promise, if you are reading Matt). We were of course asked how come Icelanders have so much interest in Liverpool. I think it originates from the fact that Liverpool played their first-ever European game in Iceland in 1964. It was an adventure for the locals to see such a strong team and their interest has been passed from one generation to the next.

“We met with Billy Butler, who we discovered is a local legend (a Blue though) and were interviewed by Mike Hughes at the BBC who thought we were Norwegians! The greatest honour was to meet John Keith who has a morning show which broadcasts from the Radio City Tower. Keith did a whole hour on our book. He has followed Liverpool throughout the decades and been present at all their greatest moments as a reporter.

“He told us that he was on the plane carrying the Liverpool team to play in Iceland in their first European match. Ron Yeats, who has since confirmed this story to me, was terrified of flying and panicked when the plane was approaching the shores of Iceland and screamed: “The plane is on fire! The plane is on fire!” In the ensuing panic he realised that it was in fact the volcanic island Surtsey erupting that he saw outside his window. Shankly went ballistic and told Yeats off for frightening everybody.”

The book has been described as a statistical gold mine for LFC fans like no other, and we can agree with that. Over 500 pages of LFC Stats and Facts — the perfect companion when pondering the line-up last time we played Colchester United and just when was Djimi Traore’s debut.

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