Foulkes keeps Liverpool at bay

Saturday, March 28 – 1903
Match: Football League, 1st Division, at Anfield
Liverpool – Sheffield United 2-4 (2-4).
Attendance: 15,000
Referee: Mr. J. Lewis (Blackburn)
The Liverpool Eleven: Perkins; Raisbeck (C), Glover; Parry, Fleming, Goldie. Goddard, Livingstone, Raybould, Chadwick, Cox.
The Liverpool goals: 1-1 Cox (6 min.), 2-3 Raybould (40 min.).

Heavy rain almost almost all the way from Sheffield to the other side of Manchester did not look very promising, but Liverpool was reached just in advance of the storm. That arrived soon afterwards, and for a few minutes the rain teemed down, but it soon cleared off, and until the match was over the afternoon was bright and fine with a dazzling sun, but rather cold. The ground was in excellent condition for a fast game. United played the same team as last week so that they were again without Boyle. Dunlop was away from the Liverpool team, and Raisbeck went back, thus letting Fleming into the half-back line. It was expected that Major-General Baden-Powell, would be present at the match, but at the last minute he was unable to attend. (Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 28-03-1903)

1st Half:
** Liverpool won the toss, and United had to face the sun. They, however, immediately attacked, and Archie Needham was nearly through in the first minute.
** GOAL: Following a free-kick to United, Ernest Needham put the ball across, and Archie passed to Brown, who banged in a terrific shot. The ball struck the crossbar underneath, and bounced into the net, this occurring after four minutes.
** GOAL: Almost immediately on resuming the Liverpool left wing broke away, and Cox got the ball very wide out. He had almost a clear run in, and Foulkes had no chance with an oblique shot well out of reach.
** Foulkes then had to save from Chadwick, and from his long punt, United got away, and forced a corner. Perkins ran out and fisted clear.
** It was evident that the wind against United was stronger than it appeared, and an exciting few minutes was seen round their goal. Foulkes fisted away one shot, and Thickett kicked right out of goalmouth, Ernest Needham getting the ball away.
** GOAL, PENALTY: The United left wing took play into the Liverpool half, where Lipsham centred in the direction of the goal, but Fleming intercepted the ball with his hands. Not the slightest hesitation was shown by Mr. Lewis in awarding a penalty, and this being successfully taken by the captain, United took the lead again after 15 minutes.
** Going on again, the visitors pressed, and A.Needham, in a race for the ball, was unlucky in putting it over the line.
** A mis-kick by Lipsham by Thickett resulted in a corner, which was placed behind from the flag kick, but Liverpool were soon attacking again. Foulkes were charged as he fisted out one shot round the post. A corner was given.
** Foulkes scooped out another shot, and the return one from Goddard struck his foot. He was then applauded for magnificent saves. One from Livingstone he stopped with one hand, and fisted out with the other, and then he had to throw himself on his knees to get his right hand to one from the other wing, thus making a couple of remarkably clever saves.
** GOAL: Almost immediately play was taken to the other end by means of the wing, and Glover failing to clear properly, Lipsham tried a long shot from the wing, which completely beat Perkins, this occurring at the end of half an hour’s play.
** During the next five minutes Liverpool had the best of the game, and Cox sent one shot skimming over the bar, while Chadwick also shot too high.
** Following a free-kick for a foul, Raybould shot hard in, but Foulkes caught the ball with the greatest ease, and punted away.
** A foul by Archie Needham brought Liverpool back again, but Chadwick’s shot was very high over the bar.
** GOAL: Liverpool, with the wind holding the ball in the United half, continued to attack, and Raybould getting a chance banged the ball by Foulkes out of his reach.
** GOAL: Straight from the kick-off United ran down, and scored the sixth goal in the half. Lipsham darted down his wing, and centred across for Bennett to hook the ball in. Raisbeck kicked away almost from the goal line, but Brown cleverly trapped the ball, and with a terrific drive put on the fourth for United. That was four minutes from the interval, and there was no more scoring, United leading by four goals to two.

2nd Half:
** United delayed the re-start, and Mr. Lewis had to whistle for them twice before they turned out.
** They immediately attacked, and after Archie Needham had been brought down, Perkins had to run out of his goal and clear.
** Then Liverpool broke away, and Foulkes had to save at close quarters, and then come out and fist away a long one from Cox.
** Milnes handled the ball, but fortunately for United it was just outside the penalty line, and from the free-kick Raybould lifted the ball over the bar.
** At the other end A.Needham sent well wide, and Goddard brought play back. Milnes missed his kick, and Cox got a chance, while he was travelling fast, Foulkes got his hands up, but it was not necessary, for the ball rose a little, and went just over the bar.
** Play was very quiet for a time, until at last Liverpool took up the running again, and Thickett’s kick went behind. Goddard placed the flag-kick right in the goal-mouth, but Foulkes could be seen towering over the other players, and his ready fist found the ball.
** Thickett kept a Liverpool player off the ball while Foulkes cleared, and from a free kick he fisted away as far as the touch-line.
** Then the visiting forwards got away, and Raisbeck ran across and cleared when a goal seemed certain.
** Perkins saved splendidly from Lipsham, just as a fould was given for impending.
** Chadwick charged Thickett down, and Cox went away by himself, but his shot was a poor one, and right across the front of the goal.
** In the next few minutes Perkins was seen to advantage, for in some close work in the goal-mouth he three times fisted away.
** Eventually Liverpool got away, and Foulkes, who had to run out of his goal to a shot from Cox, failed to hold the ball, for the first time during the match, and gave a corner.
** This did not help Liverpool, and United once more attacked. In rapid succession shots by Needham and Brown were cannoned away, one for a corner, but this was placed behind.
** Bennett ran down the wing, and centred with a high kick. Brown was better placed than Donnelly, but the latter got his head to it, and put in just by the post.
** Liverpool rushed down, but Foulkes relieved the pressure.
** A free-kick against Donnelly for pushing gave Liverpool a footing in the United half, and a corner was conceded, but no good was done with it.
** Raisbeck smartly stopped A.Needham as he tried to get through, and time was called directly afterwards.

Copyright - Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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