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All you need to know about the opposition - A NEW feature on - click here!  

We have created individual pages for each team that Liverpool have faced in their illustrious history or done business with, 637 in total. You can easily see who has scored most goals or played most games for a particular team against Liverpool or indeed the Liverpool player who has been most prolific or is most experienced against a particular opponent. You can also have a look at all transfers, biggest wins and defeats and details of each and every game.

You can access the teams as well through a dropdown box on the left menu of the front page.

Our next opponent is Aston Villa - If you go to Villa's page you will discover that Jamie Carragher has played more games against Villa than any other Liverpool player, or 25 in total, and Robbie Fowler really enjoyed playing the Villains having scored no less than 14 goals in 13 games!

Season archive

We've got all the results from official games, appearance stats, goal stats and basically every conceivable statistic from 1892 to the present, every single line-up and substitutions!