A letter from Burnley

The Liverpool Echo reported on 5 May 1914:

 Liverpool F.C. have received a very nice letter from their friend the enemy, Burnley F.C. You will note that praise is meted out for Liverpool's sportsmanship during the Crystal Palace match, and also afterwards. The letter reads: -

“Burnley F.C.
To Mr. T. Watson, Liverpool F.C.

I am instructed by my board of directors to forward to you and your club a letter of appreciation and thanks for the sportsmanlike manner in which you met us after our victory in London, and the handsome manner you received us in Liverpool on Wednesday.

Both days will live long in the minds of our officials and players, and perhaps you will be pleased to learn that your actions were the chief topic of conversation among our party on their return to Burnley.

We feel and sincerely hope that an everlasting friendship has been made between the two clubs which reflects great credit on you, and failing my club retaining the trophy next year, our earnest wish is that you will prove successful.

Yours truly,
J. Haworth, Sec.”

Copyright - The Liverpool Echo - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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