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No more wretched weather could have prevailed for the great encounter at Goodison Park on Saturday afternoon. Following a dull morning rain commenced to fall before noon and continued without intermission until the time of the kick off at half past two o'clock. The teams were: -

Everton: - Kitchen, goal, Balmer and Sharp (b), backs, Wolstenholmes Booth (captain) and Abbott, half-backs, Sharp (j), Taylor, Young, Settle, and Bell, forwards. Liverpool: - Marshall, goal, Glover, and Dunlop, backs, Fleming, Raisbeck (captain), and Goldie half-backs, Robertson, McGuigan, Raybould, Walker, and Cox forwards. Referere John Lewis.

When the teams faced there would be fully 20,000 spectators the stands being well filled. Raisbeck having won the toss, Young started and at once there was some interesting exchanges in Liverpool half. A free kick fell to the Evertonians, but this was not improved upon, and a pass by Raisebeck enabled Cox to plant the leather forward. Raybould fastened on to it, but unfortunately passed out too far, with the result that the advance was lost. Bell ran down nicely, but was penalised for offside. Then the Liverpool forwards raced away, and Bert Sharp missing his kick, the visitors had a great opening. All that resulted, however, was a fruitless corner. Young dashed off in great style, and parting to Bell that player forced a corner. This Marshall tipped out at the expense of another corner. Young had a rare opening, but his shot went wide. Still another corner, conceded by Glover fell to the Evertonians, but nothing came of it. Balmer from long range having a pop, but sending the ball high over the bar. Some capital work on the part of Fleming and Raisbeck was applauded and the ball was taken down to the vicinity of the Everton goal, where Cox and Balmer had an interesting bit of manoveuring in which honours were about equally divided. A long shot from Raisbeck was of no use to his side. Then the Evertonians put on a decided spurt, and in a twinkling Sharp had centred to Young, who passed to Bell, the latter from short range scoring Everton's first goal amid terrific cheering after ten minutes play. Right from the restart Everton again exerted pressure and Marshall safely negotiated a nasty low shot from Young. Liverpool retaliated by a clever forward movement, but they could make no impression upon the Everton defenders, who gave no quarter. A few minutes later Everton were practically presented with the second goal. The ball was passed forward, and with the Liverpool halves looking at each other, Young dashed away, and easily beat Marshall, who had run out to meet the ball. The Liverpoolians responded gamely and after Robertson had been floored by Bert Sharp, a shot from Walker was charged down. Robertson forced a corner of Bert Sharp, and for a few moments it looked as if their efforts would be awarded with a goal. Balmer, however, stepped in, and a long shot from Dunlop sent the ball over the crossbar. Cox was fouled and from the free kick, McGuigan had hard lines in heading inches wide of the upright. At this period Liverpool were showing up better, and kept the Evertonians strictly on the defensive. There was however, a want of incisiveness in their plan of campaign as a result of which Kitchen was rarely troubled. Unfortunately Raybould received a kick, and had to be assisted to the side of the field. Immediately the game was resumed Liverpool obtained a corner, and with a little luck, the Everton goal might have been captured through Walker on one occasion was quite at fault with a pass from Cox. Glover was penalised for fouling Young just outside the penalty line and from the free kick Abbott banged the ball the wrong side of the upright. Walket took the ball down nicely, and Kitchen trusting to a kick almost gave a corner. After give and take play, McGuigan compelled Wolstenholme to concede a corner, which again proved abortive. Then with a flying shot Raisbeck sent into Kitchen's hands and immediately the whistle blew for the interval. Half-time Everton 2 goals, Liverpool nil.

By the time the game was resumed the attendance was estimated at 25,000. There was a nasty sleet falling, which was not at all comfortable for the spectators in the open. The referee for offside brought up cox when he appeared to be in a legitimate position. The game proceeded with first one side and than the other gaining the advantage. Everton, however, were clever enough to turn an opening which was well worked for to good account. The ball was landed into the goalmouth by Bert Sharp, and after passing from one defender to another, Settle fastened on it, and had no difficulty in registering Everton third goal. Again the visitors ran down without reducing the adverse balance. With the depressing weather, and Everton having such a commanding lead, a good deal of the enthusiasms had evaporated. The home team did not over exert themselves, and their halves frequently broke up Liverpool's combination. Settle scored a fourth goal just before the finish, and Everton ran out easy victors, by four goals to nil.

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