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Reds’ Well Worth 3-2 Win
Howe, Taylor, and Balmer Score.
Goodison Men Reply With Goals By Stevenson.

Liverpool triumphed in a thrill-a-minute “Derby” with Everton by three goals to two at Anfield today. Liverpool, in a flying start, were two up in the first 11 minutes though Howe and Taylor, and Everton replied in the 16th minute with a goal by Stevenson. There was little to choose between the teams for the rest of the first half, but shortly after the interval, Balmer scored a third for Liverpool. Thrills followed in quick succession and after 79 minutes Stevenson got his second goal for the Blues.
By The Pilot.

There was not so much of the Derby enthusiasm at Anfield today when Liverpool met Everton for the 72nd time in League auspices. It was interesting to note that Dean the Everton captain was 230 years old yesterday and seated in the stand was Fred Geary, former Everton centre forward who was celebrating his 69th today. There must have been 40,000 spectators just when the game opened on a rainfall pitch. Teams: - Liverpool: - Riley, goal; Cooper (captain), and Dabbs, backs; Busby, Bradshaw and McDougall, half-backs; Nieuwenhuys, Taylor (P), Howe, Balmer, and Hanson, forwards. Everton: - Sagar, goal; Cook and Jones, backs; Britton, Gee, and Mercer, half-backs; Gillick, Cunliffe, Dean (captain), Stevenson, Coulter, forwards. Referee Mr. G. Gould (London). Liverpool won the toss and defended the Kop end. Everton made the first attack. Stevenson bored through and shot by the post. Then Stevenson took over from Coulter to let go a sharp shot which Riley pushed aside for a corner. From this there was a rousing raid at the Reds’ goal with Bradshaw in the thick of the fray. Eventually he dashed in to clear before Coulter could connect and away went Howe on the Reds left flank. Jones came across to tackle but Howe shot quickly and the ball sped across in front of goal. Sagar had to run out to pick up and clear. The conditions were in keeping with Liverpool’s luck this season –they could hardly have been worse –and so expected good gate was spoiled. Cooper tackled well and disarmed Coulter. This early football was a struggle between Everton’s footcraft and the length of Liverpool’s tackling.

Liverpool’s Quick Goal.

The first big thrill came in eight minutes with a headed goal by Howe finish in typical fashion. Taylor and Nieuwenhuys were proving dangerous and Mercer came back to concede a corner which was well centred by Nieuwenhuys to the far post, were Howe, leaping high, nodded the ball into the near corner of the net, Sagar being slow to come out. Within three minutes the Reds were two up, this time due to a bad mistake by Sagar. Bradshaw sent out a perfect pass to Hanson, who crossed a low centre which travelled back to Taylor. Taylor took his shot first time and Sagar had the ball covered with his body. Much to the consternation of the Everton supporters, however, he allowed the quick-travelling ball to pass underneath his body and over the line. Liverpool were playing with tremendous enthusiasm and the Everton defence was far from a settled quantity. Balmer and Taylor again threatened Sagar and them Stevenson forced Riley to save near the post. Everton recovered and launched a good attack through Gillick. The winger’s centre was turned away without a shot being levelled. In 18 minutes Everton took a goal –good one –through Stevenson. Dean stared the way with one of his choice headers and Stevenson shot the ball first time into the net from 18 yards’ out. Riley had no chance. Three goals in 16 minutes was sufficient to satisfy the most exacting. There had been fouls, mainly due to over enthusiasm, but the standard of football had been high. I had watched Liverpool’s exhibition thoughts travelled back to Norwich and the side failed in the Cup-tie. It was a pity we did not see a quarter of this last week. Liverpool fell victims to Everton’s tactics, Cooper’s strong tackling was to much for Coulter. When McDougall had recovered from a injuries Balmer cut through, but this time he was offside. Then came a big thrill when Cunliffe came inwards following a throw-in and struck the bar with a perfect curling shot which deceived Riley. Coulter was on the spot to receive the rebound, but he got too far under the ball. Nieuwenhuys headed just outside from Hanson’s flying centre before Nieuwenhuys returned the compliment, this time Hanson heading over the top.

Gillick Injured.

Gillick was carried off after receiving the full volley in the body. Liverpool were swinging the ball around in refreshing style, while Everton mastered the close method of application. The Reds’ defenders were very keen and Dean was being held in subjection by Bradshaw. The Blues, however, were having more of play territorially and again toke command when Gillick returned. Then came for Phil Taylor for a swerving dribble. He beat four men in succession, but advanced to smoother the shot. The ball rebounded to present Nieuwenhuys with an open goal, however he failed hopelessly, the ball going yards over the top. It was one succession of thrills and now Dean, who had been lurking around at centre half, seized on a ball, cut through and hit the foot of the upright with a shot which Riley, and practically everybody, thought was going outside. There was an unfortunate incident 10 minutes before the interval –the first blot on the proceedings, Gillick received a long pass and was working his way up to the goal line when Dabbs brought him down just outside the penalty area.

Gillick again Carried Off.

Gillick was taken off. The referee spoke to Dabbs and the crowd booed for several minutes. The free kick came to nought, thanks to Bradshaw, whose height was proving a great asset to the Reds. Howe nearly took another goal in another of those spontaneous and devastating Liverpool raids. Cook upset his shooting effort which developed into a lob, and Sagar’s fists did the rest. Gillick returned nursing his jaw in time to see Gee play one of his favourite forward roles with a well-timed dribble which, however, failed to bring the goal response. Cunliffe made good ground on the right and Riley fisted away the centre in style. The game was becoming upsetting for Dabbs, who was being booed every time he approached the ball but he continued to get through his work. This was a game to thrill and satisfy everyone, with hardly anything to choose between the sides. Liverpool, on this form, belied their League position, and it showed what adepts they are for rising to the occasion.

Half-Time Liverpool 2, Everton 1.

It had been one of the greatest 45 minutes of football seem on Merseyside for some time. It was artistic, go-ahead football allied with concentrated endeavour. The sides were evenly matched in practically every respect and the ball control on the treacherous surface was remarkably accurate. Everton were once again the quick starters on resuming, Cunliffe heading inches wide from Coulter’s centre. Britton then linked up with Cunliffe, but was forced away for a corner, and twice in quick succession Riley had to fist away. McDougall brought out a wonder tackle to harass Gillick when the Scot was making ground at great pace. At last Liverpool got going with a swinging pass from Balmer and Sagar was ready to deal with Hanson’s half centre-half shot. Everton were holding the ball rather a little too long –a fatal mistake in face of Liverpool’s perfect tackling.

Sagar’s Saves.

Sagar leapt outwards and upwards twice in quick succession to pull down centres, then Bradshaw again saved the day for Liverpool when he took charge of a high ball with which Coulter was trying to find Cunliffe. Bradshaw was there again when Cunliffe was dribbling through, and away went Howe on his own to shoot over the top as Gee challenged. Cunliffe’s turn came next with a shot that slipped through Riley’s hands but passed outside for a corner. Riley made amends for this with the power of his punch. Cooper moved a place up in class with a fine tackle when Coulter had been given his “passport” by Dean’s quick forward pass. Liverpool turned a long a spell of attacking into a third goal after 59 minutes through Balmer. Nieuwenhuys cut through when the Blues were expecting an offside whistle and he turned back a low pass to Taylor. Taylor managed to scramble the ball across the goalmouth and Balmer, taking the chance on the half turn, glided it home just inside the post. Everton at this stage, as during one period in the first half, were keeping the ball much too close, while their defenders were not marking cleverly. Dean tried a back header without success then, when the Everton captain who had been singularly quiet, tried to break through. Dabbs made a winning tackle. Stevenson worked for his shooting chance diligently before failing with the shot then Everton’s twice-taken corner failed. Everton had lost some of their power following that third goal, but Mercer revived hopes with a good dribble, and strong shot, which found Riley ready. Riley made a fine save from Coulter’s quick shot after Mercer, now, strange to say, Everton’s prime attacker, had once again shown his versatility. Sagar ran out to save from Howe, then he saved a great header from Balmer. Everton reduced the lead 11 minutes from the end through a grand goal from Stevenson, who took over from Dean’s short pass, raced beyond Cooper, and scored with a wonderful right foot shot into the far corner. Riley saved brilliantly from Cunliffe and in practically the last minute Everton forced a corner but Dean headed outside. Final Liverpool 3, Everton 2. The official attendance was 37,636. Liverpool scored a deserving victory.

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