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Liverpool beat Everton by the only goal scored in the second local “Derby” game at Anfield on Saturday, and there are many who incline to the view that this will be the last of the “Derby” games played between the sides for at least another season. That Everton are in a precarious position is generally admitted and much will depend upon the future performances of the clubs in the danger zone. In a football sense Saturday's game was disappointing because the standard of play was much below that usually associated with recent local games and this was chiefly due to the state of the ground which prevented any thing like accurate football. The game was hard and keenly fought but lacking in the finer more dainty movements. To the credit of the players it must be said that all played with commendable heartness and spirit, but the conditions were against them and as a contest the game had few outstanding features. Liverpool were the stronger side –better balanced and more definite in their movements, yet Everton could almost claim equality in all except attack. The forwards were Everton's weakest link and it was this weakness that lost at least a share of the spoils. The ground was hard and frost-bound, and the light ball was always difficult to control. To turn quickly was a risky manoeuvre, while passing over and miskicking added in the players difficulties.


The first half was fairly even yet, Taylor had more to do in the Everton goal than had Scott at the other end. It was Taylor's skill saved Everton on at least two occasions when the Liverpool forwards made definite raids on the goal. He tipped over the bar a great shot by Reid and later saved splendidly from Edmed. Scott's greatest test came when Hart lobbed the ball into the Liverpool goal and its downfall was only prevented by a stroke of luck. Kennedy missed a great chance near the interval and the first half remained goalless. In the first minute of the second half Chambers scored the only goal of the game although Everton claimed that the ball was over the line when Scott patted down a header from Kennedy. It was a near thing, but Scott had a genuine slice of fortune when he shot out his foot and blocked a fine drive by Troup. Right through the game there was a dearth of good shooting and very few sparkling runs.


Taylor, who made his first appearance in the Everton goal gave a satisfactory display. He had not a great deal to do, but what he did was efficiently and skillfully effected. Both Cresswell and Kelly, also seen in Liverpool for the first time in the Everton colours, did much good work. The former is too well known to need any introduction, and it is sufficient to say that he did all that was expected of him on his polished and affective style. In Kelly Everton would seem to have acquired a half-back of the right type. Splendidly built (tall and slim) he played a capital game once he found his feet and plied the forwards with excellent passes. Of the half-backs, none was quite the equal to hart. He was effective in attack and defence. The Everton forwards could not complain that they did not get enough of the ball. It was the ineffectiveness of the inside forwards that made the attack so poor. In the second half Dominy and Irvine changed places without, however, revealing any noticeable improvement. Troup was the best of a poor line. On the Liverpool side Scott worked with his usual skill and coolness, and both Lucas and McKinlay played soundly. Bromilow was another splendid worker, and he played a big part in subduing the Everton right wing, while Pratt worked hard and well.


Chambers was the outstanding figure in the forwards. He sent out passes with fine judgement and was the most dangerous forward on the field. Edmed was little inferior. His centres were nicely timed and he made good use of openings that came his way. Reid tempered his dashes was discretion and was consequently a more effective leader, while Hopkins put in a number of useful raids. Attendance 52, 677 Receipts £3,199. Teams: - Liverpool: - Scott goal, Lucas and McKinlay, backs, McNabb, Pratt, and Bromilow, half-backs, Edmed, Hodgson, Reid, Chambers and Hopkin, forwards. Everton: - Taylor, goal, Cresswell and O'Donnell, backs, Kelly, Hart (captain) and Virr, half-backs, Critchley, Dominy, Irvine, Kennedy, and Troup, forwards. Referee Mr D. Caswell .

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