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The great Derby game at Goodison Park today between Everton and Liverpool will undoubtedly be looked upon as the tit-bit of the long series. Both sides are confident that they possess the most serviceable teams, taken all round for many seasons. Both are doing exceedingly well, therefore the battle is sure to be as thrilling a one as was ever staged locally. There is some doubt about Scott being able to turn out for Liverpool, as his hand injury is a little more serious than at first though. If such a calamity however, occurs today the Reds will have no cause for being unduly alarmed, as Riley, the South Africa, will not weaken the team if called upon to do, duty.

Many questions have to be answered before arriving at the solution of today's problem of who will win. The principal one perhaps, is this: Can the Everton spearhead pierce and crumble the Liverpool shield. In other words: Can the Goodison Park forwards who have shown themselves to be a really brilliant lot in recent weeks, beat the renowned –and deservedly so – Liverpool defence?

An examination of the opposing sides may be helpful to those who care to don the mantle of the prophet. Everton have a sound defence, with Cresswell the master mind. Taylor may not be so certain as of old, but the international will not be perturbed by the importance of the occasion or the size of the crowd. The halves are among the finest in the country, but much will depend on the pivots on each side. Can Hart held Devlin? Will Jackson master Dean? There are other vital questions to be dealt with.


The Liverpool backs are believed to be among the wonders of the game. Their years of service sit lightly upon them. The half-backs will have to bear the brunt of the battle. Liverpool appear to have a little advantage forward –on the right –but Everton's left pair should neutralise this pull. As for the centres, Dean and Devlin –well, there is only one “Dixie,” and if he cannot score today no other Everton forward will. Taking the previous results of the meetings of the teams from the season 1919-20, it will be found that Everton have won two games at Goodison Park, three being drawn and three lost. They won there last season. The figures for the Anfield game are: Liverpool won six, drew one, and lost one. Last season's game at Anfield went to the Reds. The match starts at 3.0.




The first of the great clashings of the season between Everton and Liverpool was drawn at Goodison Park on Saturday, the scoring being 1 goal each. The first point –a wonderful one –was notched for Everton by Troup, while Edmed equalised for Liverpool. There was an attendance of 60,000. Jackson, the Liverpool centre-half has forced himself into the limelight by completely subduing Dean, England's centre, who was given no rope. Dean's record of scoring in every match this season was smashed. Liverpool played the spoiling game very successfully, and their tried and trusted defence never wavered before the fierce onslaught of the home forwards. Riley, who deputised for Scott in the visitor's goal one was of the hero's of the tussle. His coolness was remarkable, McMullan, the Reds' right-half, was injured in the second half.


It was freely commented that Liverpool had the smiles of fair fortune in getting away with a point in the hectic battle. It must though, not be overlooked that the defence is part of a side, and that is where Liverpool shone. Indeed a chance shot at the close when Devlin struck the upright might have won them the match, and the result would then have been wrong. Everton played as well as the Liverpool spoilers would let them and that was uncommonly well. Most of the arts and graces, which did not obtrude greatly on so feverish an occasion, were left to Everton, and they developed a wonderful attack all along their front line, particularly in the second half, when Riley was the Horatio of the occasion. He took care of all kinds of shots, and he seemed so nonchalant, just passing his hands out to them, right and left as if taking light exercise. Let me introduce also another personality, a man of the match –Jackson to wit. He was terrier like in his grip on Dean tracking him wherever he wandered. No man could have played sleuth on England's centre more effectively. A real attacking half-back, he was alert and precise in the task. Not for many a long day had Dixie had such difficulty in working his way in. His goal scoring record was also upset.


Lucas was also in the plot in chaperoning the centre-forward. Indeed McKinlay and Lucas were dominant and co-operative backs, and fitted no second time to Cresswell, one of the coolest men on the field, and O'Donnell, still inclined to do the heavy act –a sort of any port in a storm but a generally safe man at that. There was nothing ill natured in the push Lucas gave Dean just outside the penalty area although her was penalised. Hart has again to receive a pat on the back. He is on the top of his form. It was his task to hold Devlin, and he did it, with a partner of constructive ability in Virr on one side and dashing Kelly on the other. Troup's goal, the first, was a real moderate one –a crasher, which would have left any goalkeeper powerless. He certainly made the most of the opportunity given by Dean. Tony Weldon could not seem to accomplish the register, and on the other wing Forshaw did much good work, with Critchley not too roboust against some rough stuff and the artistic Bromilow.


Devlin absolutely could not deliver the goods. The Everton half-backs were repeatedly crossing a lance with him, and, to make matters worse, he was not getting the ball on the carpet. The Liverpool forwards had their chances, but could not take them. The Pither-Reid wing made the better impression. Hodgson had the skill but seemed minus much of his dash but Edmed who scared the equaliser, was the danger spot. Taylor, who came back to his truer form had no chance. It must be overlooked that Liverpool had McMullan hurt in the second half, and the rearrangement of the side tended to dislocation. Teams: - Everton: - Taylor, goal, Cresswell (captain), and O'Donnell, backs, Kelly, Hart, and Virr half-backs, Critchley, Forshaw, Dean, Weldon, and Troup, forwards. Liverpool: - Riley, goal, Lucas, and McKinlay, backs, McMullan, Jackson, and Bromilow (captain), half-backs, Edmed, Hodgson, Devlin, Reid, and Pither forward. Referee Mr. WF. Bunnell.

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