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A goal with each foot and one with his head.

By Ijay.

Dean's Day! It was Dixie of that ilk who was the deciding factor in Everton's 3-1 win over Liverpool at Anfield in their 61st “Derby” game. This was Dean's “bag.” A hat-trick of sparkling goals –his second in the Derby series. Everton's 100 th goal in these encounters. A new individual record eclipsing “Sandy Young's total of nine goals. It was a strange game in many ways, and there were several distinct phases of play. For instance, Everton made all the running in the opening half, and were full value for their interval lead, which would have been more pronounced had it not been for some wonderful goalkeeping by Elisha Scott. Then, in the second portion, Liverpool came into their own, but weak finishing and poor combination proved their downfall, and prevented them from making a better fight of it.

Too much latitude.

Liverpool contributed to their defeat in several ways but the chief was in allowing Stein, always a dangerous raider, far too much room to work in, with the result that every time he got the ball he had a clean run, and Done was practically helpless to check the advances. Everton were much the better balanced side, and they had no real weakness, but at least six of the Liverpool players were well below their average form. Bradshaw must bear a lot of the blame, although he improved considerably in the second half. He gave Dean too much freedom, and the ex-Tranmere player took full toll of his chances. There was often a big gap up the centre of the field, and Scott was given more work than should have been his portion. The Blues made progress through long, swinging passes to their two wingers, whereas Liverpool played much too close in their efforts to make their way up the middle of the field through the medium of forwards who lacked ball control and combination. Even in the second half, although down two goals, Liverpool should have seen the error of their ways and changed their tactics. There was still time then to avoid defeat, but the Reds did not rise to the occasion. There was actually a time when the Everton defence became flurried and uncertain under pressure, but apart from Wright, the Anfielders had no forward who could pick up several reasonable goal-scoring chances, to say nothing of a least two certainties that were offered to Barton and Smith.

Balance lacking.

Liverpool's outstanding feature was their courage and ability to make a fight of the game right to the end, for they never gave in despite the shortcomings of the front line men. It was balance they lacked when compared with their local rivals. They played football of the individual type in preference to the progressive methods of combined work. In the opening half the defence was beaten too easily and only Scott offered that brave front that we expected to see. Scott made a series of wonderful saves and many thousands in the 55,000 crowd still aver that he is the world's greatest goalkeeper. Done and Jackson failed to built up a working arrangement, and they could not give Bradshaw any help in holding off Dean. This was possibly brought about by the poor work of the halves, of whom McDougall was best, although he never produced his known form.

Outstanding Reds' forward.

Wright was the outstanding forward. He was here, there, and everywhere, and although I thought his goal was offside, he showed what an opportunist he is. I have already referred to Dean, who owed some of his success of the neat work of Stein and Johnson. Gee was a sound defender and did good service in getting rid of the ball first time to his forwards. The wing halves did their work in a quiet but effective manner, while Bocking gave a much-improved display. Cresswell was the star defender on the field, and his positional play and clean tackling and kicking were delightful to watch.

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