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Figure go to show that only three times since they first met in the season 1894-95, have Everton and Liverpool drawn at Goodison. It was in 1900-01 that the sides finished with the same total 1-1 –as on Saturday, and of the 22 games at the Park, Liverpool since pre-war years have had the bulk of the honours.


An impartial view would give them as having the better or the exchanges in their latest encounter, for it must be remembered that twice they netted, but were brought back for previous infringements, and on two other occasions Fern was beaten, but Downs cleared right of the goal line. On the other hand Scott never seemed likely to be beaten except when a header from Brewster swerved outside the post, as he was ready for Harrison's oblique shot, which struck the side of the upright, and also a bouncing ball from Davies. Everton opened as though they would make short work of the opposition, and when Liverpool retaliated Downs was knocked out heading a hurtling pass, and fell so heavily on his shoulder that he had top leave the field. He came back in time to help the Blues as Liverpool began to assume the upper hand. Shone and Lacey both missed with fairly easy chances, and when the former headed into the net the whistle had already gone for a foul on Hopkin.


The steady pressure told, however, and the Reds scored the only goal of the first half about five minutes before the interval, Bromilow drove a stinging ball goalwards, and Fern failed to gather the greasy leather. Forshaw edged it past the falling custodian, but it was Shone who applied the finishing touch.

Refreshed by the interval, the home eleven again began as though they would sweep all before them, but failed to penetrate the opposing defence, and when the ball was netted it was propelled there by Forshaw, who was palpably offside. However, Everton supporters were saved from looking as blue as their wearers of the home jerseys when Chedgzoy forced a corner off Bromilow, and served it up so accurately that Brewster was able to head the equaliser. After this Everton fell away again, and after such hard play on heavy going both teams were inclined to rest on their oars in the closing stages.


To deal with the home side first, Fern had a troublesome time, shots coming at him with great force from awkward angles. He owed much to Downs, who saved the day for the Blues, his early handicap, the right back gave a remarkably good display, and one that in the coming cup-ties would be invaluable. McDonald also gave a steady, painstaking exhibition. Brewster stood out as one of the best halves on the field. His heading was well timed, and he opened out the game well, just as was required on such a day. The forwards were patchy, Harrison did not receive enough support, and while Fazackerley's touches were cute, and there was football wisdom in his dash forward after slipping the leather to Chedgzoy, the inside right did not shoot enough. The outside right suffered from knocks, and Davies was well held, while he should not leap over a pass unless he is certain one of his partners is up to take the ball. Scott was sound, and Longworth deputised very effectively for Lucas –suffering from a cold –while Mckinley's placing and shots from free kicks gave great delight. Bromilow was the best of a hard working middle line, because he almost invariably made such good use of the ball. Shone was overshadowed by Brewster, but Forshaw was in fine shooting form, and Hopkin was responsible for most of the dangerous centres. Mr. J. T. Howcroft had control of the game, and found the players as sporting and scrupulously fair as usual. Teams : - Everton: - Fern, goal, Downs and McDonald (captain), backs, Fleetwood, Brewster, and Grenyer, half-backs Fazackerley, Davies, Crossley, and Harrison, forwards. Liverpool: - Scott, goal, Longworth, and McKinlay, backs, McNab, Wadsworth, and Bromilow, half-backs, Lacey, Forshaw, Shone, Lewis, and Hopkin, forwards.

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