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Liverpool won the return Derby game at Anfield on Saturday, and completed the double, for the game earlier in the season had gone in their favour. Although the Anfielders were value for their success the score rather flattered them; at the same time one must give them credit for taking their chances. Compared with the losers, Liverpool were a better-balanced side. The forwards and halves worked in harmony more than did the Blues, and in addition were not adverse to falling back and helping the defence. Not that this was often necessary, for Lucas and McKinlay tackled so resolutely; still, when occasion demanded, it was always forthcoming. The covering tactics and soundness of defence were the keynote of Liverpool's success. Had the Everton men adopted similar tactics, it is possible a different result would have been forthcoming. Neither Raitt, McDonald, or Harland could be compared with the opposing trio, and this was brought vividly to mind soon after the interval.


Although a goal down at half time, Everton showed such marked improvement forward that it was always possible they would get on level terms. The defence, however, made the mistake of coming too far forward; no doubt their intentions were well meant, for at that time the Reds' goal was being subjected to pressure. But it was a risky thing to do, and as events proved a disastrous one. Lucas with a fine volley drove the ball out to Rawlings who was standing a yard off the centre line, but in his own half, and the winger, evading McDonald, raced through. Raitt came across, but as he moved the winger turned the ball inwards to Johnson, who was to the right of the goal. Now the centre was in a position to shoot, though had he done so Harland would probably have saved it. It was a cute move on his part to put the ball square, for Hopkins was unmarked, and though Harland got his hands to the latter's drive he could not keep it from going into the net. That momentary lapse cost Everton the points, for Liverpool in the knowledge of a comfortable lead, played confidently, and quickly got a third through Chambers, who shouldered the back off before steering the ball with his left foot past the oncoming goalkeeper. Everton rallied, splendidly, and Chadwick reduced the lead with a free kick that Scott got down to but failed to hold. But it was not Everton's day, for Cock twice missed open goals, and Irvine, after seeing Scott save a splendid header, twice kicked the ball too far ahead. It was an enjoyable game, despite the number of free kicks, and the police are to be complimented on the manner in which they cleared the ground of the crowd –54,000 paid £3200 for admission –that looked at one time likely to stop play.


Liverpool I have stated were the sounder combination. They had dangerous raiders in Hopkin and Rawlings, though the last named in the opening half wasted three fine openings. Still, it was through him that the first goal was engineered, Shone snapping up a forward pass to shoot over the head of Harland. Apart from getting the goal, the Garston lad foraged well, and he, Johnson, and Chambers combined cleverly. McNabb and Pratt were the better of halves, while further behind Lucas's anticipation single him out as the best player on the field. McKinlay after his lengthily absence showed up well, though he was seized with cramp in the last minute and had to be carried off. Everton did their best work in the second half, when the forwards moved more in harmony. Chedgzoy and Irvine made a better wing than Chadwick and Troup, though the inside left shot on every opportunity. McBain and Brown were the pick of the halves and Raitt, a better back than McDonald. Harland, like Scott, did not have too much to do; but the Everton man, if he was unfortunate with two of the shots that took effect saved brilliantly in the first few minutes from Shone. Teams; - Liverpool: - Scott, goal, Lucas, and McKinlay (captain), half-backs, McNabb, Wadsworth, and Pratt, half-backs, Rawlings, Shore, Forshaw, Chambers, and Hopkin, forwards. Everton: - Harland, goal, Raitt, and McDonald, backs, Brown, McBain (captain), and Reid, half-backs, Chedgzoy, Irvine, Cock, Chadwick, and Troup, forwards. Referee A. Ward.

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