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The majority meeting of Liverpool and Everton at Anfield was a game worthy of an exceptional occasion, in that it was particularly fast and clean. Liverpool won by the only goal of the game. This gave them a deserved lead at the interval, but Everton had such a great spell of attacking during one period of the second half that on the general balance of play they were worthy of a point, and in that sense Liverpool were lucky to win. Both sides were without the services of a couple of their best men Lacey and Scott doing duty for Ireland at Sunderland, whilst Chedgzoy and Downs were adding England. In a sense this put the eleven on an equality and an enormous crowd had a pleasant afternoon which to watch the encounter. There can be no question that Liverpool were the more trustful in the first half, and had it not been for the skill of Fern they would have been more than one goal down in the first half. In the second period, however, he had a more comfortable time, but even then McNaughton was not called upon more than three times, when he had to be spry to get rid of some awkward drives, and once was well beaten by a shot which hit the crossbar and rebounded into play.


What little he had to do the keeper did well, but he was splendidly covered by the backs, and also owed something to the poor shooting of the Everton inside forwards. McKinlay was in great form, and by smart anticipation was generally on the right spot to break up advances. Lucas also cleared with hefty lunges, but found the opposing wing an awkward handful. W. Wadsworth was a rare worker at centre half, and his distribution was nicely timed. Bromilow, in spite of being croaked, was also a useful asset, and took several opportunities to get in a shot, while Bamber made an efficient substitute for Lacey, initiating the move from which the winning goal was scored. Forward Harold Wadsworth stood out by reason of the best display of his career. He never parted with the ball until his partners were in position and his centres were most judicious. Chambers backed him up well and also tested Fern with some furious screw shots, Johnson was not so much in the picture, but Forshaw netted the all important goal, and came near with several brilliant efforts, while Sheldon was also a live force.

Fern was in magnificent trim and a couple of his full length saves brought down the house. He had no earthly chance with the ball that beat him, and a less reliable custodian would have been defeated more than once. Thompson had his first run with the senior team this season as the deputy for Downs, and the directors had no cause to regret their choice. Though not so cool as his celebrated senior he gave nothing away, and capably blended with McDonald, who kept a fine grip on the Liverpool right wing. Brewster was the best half on view, and he was responsible for one snap shot at goal, which all but did the trick. In attack or defence he was equally happy, and in the matter of forcing home attacks Grainger was also a live member of the middle line, while Fleetwood put in any amount of hard and useful work. Where Everton left something to be desired was in the forward line. Only Harrison did himself justice and he was unlucky not to score when a cross drive shivered the woodwork. Peacock has yet to learn how to gather a square pass without wasting time, and his partners failed to push the ball forward for him so that he could take it easily on the run. As a result he did not do much, and the individual touches of Reid and Kirsopp did not compensate for their neglect of the leader in the particular specified, Jones attempted to do too much, and found dribbling against McKinlay was not a paying policy. His passes to the middle were good, and he should have confined himself to this mode of advance.


The game saw meteoric changes from end to end of which the defences generally came out best. However, after 35 minutes, Bamber banged the ball right across to Harold Wadsworth, who whipped it past the goalmouth, Forshaw tasking the leather with a first time shot which beat Fern all the way. Liverpool had the better of the exchanges till the interval, but there was a 15 minutes' solid attack by the Blues, which saw Liverpool's defence sorely tried. There was plenty of spirited play, but no more goals, and the Reds carried off the honours of the first encounter with their friendly rivals this season. Teams: - Liverpool: - McNaughton, goal, Lucas, and McKinlay, backs, Bamber, W. Wadsworth, and Bromilow, half-backs, Sheldon, Forshaw, Johnson, Chambers, H. Wadsworth, forwards. Everton: - Fern, goal, Thompson, and McDonald, backs, Fleetwood (Captain), Brewster, and Grenyer, half-backs, Jones, Kirsopp, Peacock, Reid, and Harrison, forwards.

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