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In recent weeks Liverpool Football Club have come to the forefront of combined players by the way they have kept the ball down and moved forward by straight passes, and it has been noticeable that their understanding has been such that the half-backs have joined in and become additional forwards occasionally. It was this complete understanding between the half-backs and forwards that led to Everton being severely beaten at Goodison Park, before 55,000 spectators. It was Everton's first home defeat, and it was a victory for Liverpool that lifted them high in football estimates, and in the league chart. The pace of the game was such that it found the weakness in some of the defenders and half-backs of the home side. There could be no mistaking the enthusiasm of the crowd for the fine, clean sport served up, and as a sample of the right type of football the local “Derby” could not be beaten. There were few free kicks, not so many throws as usual, and only one stoppage to being in the attention of a trainer. Thus the game was a delight to the great crowd –probably the second greatest that has ever attended at Goodison Park, and a crowd be it mentioned that was well handled.

Three goals was the margin, and it might easily have been more, apart from a point that was disallowed (Chambers being the scorer). Yet, curiously enough Scott had as much work to do as Fern, and did it better. Chedgzoy caught one rebound of a kick by McKinlay and slammed in a perfect gem of a shot only to find Scott safe. Brewster too, tested Scott to the full, and Grenyer's late on shot, low and curling was just another occasion for Scott to show the best form he has exhibited this season. Everton's weakness was patent. The inside forwards were too small to get the ball by heading, and all the work was thrown upon Chedgzoy and Harrison, each of whom found a capable half-back pitted against him. Not only were Everton weak in attack –they lacked speed and truly at right half-back, and Downs took many risks and suffered thereby, although when he was good he was very good. Neither he nor McDonald kicked as well as usual, but the much must be said for them; they were hard pressed throughout the game. In goal Fern failed with a third shot of the day –a ball that he anticipated too quickly, thus forgetting the spin of the shot, which touched Fern's left hand, and rolled over the line.

Everton did not play as well as the previous week, although the return of Downs and Chedgzoy was expected to transform the team into a better working side. On the other hand the return of Lacey to keep Sheldon going had a better effect on the Liverpool side than any one could have imagined. Liverpool from end to end were workmanlike and smartly speedy. There never was a faster or finer exhibition than their first twenty minutes. Of understanding there was evidence throughout the game, Forwards and half-backs placed themselves for a pass and the backs led the half backs or the extreme wingers when it came to a clearing punt. Longworth back in the team after many weeks of absence, was a trifle awed and strange at the outset, and he lofted the ball too frequently to be like his old self. Yet he gained confidence and joined in the honours. McKinlay's kicking against the wind and sun in the first half was a study of accuracy. Moreover, he and Bromilow paired off to cover Chedgzoy; s dodging runs along the line. They would smother him rather than let him make a trek. After all, a defender must treat a man who feints by refusing to take the eye off the ball and by keeping the forward tied for space when he does elect to move. Feinting had a good part in the game Johnson scored his first point in fifteen minutes through a feint. The ball was actually on the “outside” line, but not over and Johnson oblique shot beat Fern, a fact which hardily seemed possible.

The second goal came to Chambers a moment before half time –some time the game to be “up” when the point was registered –and it was due to Sheldom's admirable centres after an across move to the right while portending to be cutting inward. Chambers in the second half tried a shot at random, and it failed. Yet he did not give up hope of the instant shot, and essaying a further shot, scored from twenty-five yards out. The distance is sufficient in itself to allow one to dialer that the shot should have been saved. Lacey, W. Wadsworth and Bromilow made an admirable half-back line, with lacey best, and the forwards were of general excellence, one not being better than the other, if we except the prominence of Chambers who had a gala day against Fleetwood and by his coaching making little Harold Wadsworth into a winger of rare ability. Teams: - Everton: - Fern goal, Downs (Captain), and McDonald, backs, Fleetwood, Berewster, and Grenyer, half-backs, Chedgzoy, Crossley, Peacock, Reid, and Harrison, forwards. Liverpool: - Scott, goal, Longworth, and McKinlay, backs, Lacey, Wadsworth, and Bromilow, half-backs, Sheldon, Forshaw, Johnson, Chambers, and H. Wadsworth, forwards.

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