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The first of two League fixtures between our local eleven's was down for decision on Saturday at Goodison Park, the event ranking as one of the most important, certainly the most interesting to Everton and Liverpool. The reason for this is not far to seek, for there is the greatest rivalry-healthy rivalry by the way-between the two contending teams for the better position in the League table, and both sides were expected to try their hardest for supremacy. Everton only made one alteration in the team which drew with Wolves last week, Sharp resuming in his old place on the right, vice Rankin, who gave such a good account of himself a week ago. Settle was still an absentee, Sheridan again appearing at inside left with Bell. Liverpool put in a stronger team, though it was seen that Morris was operating for Chadwick at inside left. The day was very favorable for the game, though a trifle warm, but notwithstanding this there was an immense crowd. The teams were: - Everton: - Kitchen goal, Henderson, and Balmer, backs, Taylor, Booth (captain), and Abbott, half-backs, Sharp, Brearley, Young, Sheridan, and Bell, forwards. Liverpool: - Perkins, goal, Glover, and Dunlop, backs, Parry, Raisbeck, and Goldie, half-backs, Goddard, Livingstone, Raybould, Morris, and Cox, forwards.

There would probably by 35,000 spectators at the start. Liverpool won the toss, but there was little advantage, as there was hardly any wind. Lord Stanley was present on the ground, and was privileged to take the kick off for Everton. An attack was at once made on the Liverpool goal, and the game was hardly a minute old when it was stopped through a slight injury top Perkins, which, however, proved nothing serious. Livingstone and Goddard relieved the pressure and got the ball to near the half-way line, when offside was given against Raybould. This player eventually got the ball at his feet and gave to Goddard, who exhibited nice play, centring without success. Morris beat Brearley for the ball, but the Liverpool half was again the centre of operations, though Raisbeck put in a timely kick which, removed play, after which Goddard from a good position shot in, but the ball glanced off another player and a corner was awarded. Shortly afterwards Morris made an attempt to find the net, but only placed behind. The pressure on the home goal was maintained, and Livingstone was applauded for fine play. The next item of note was a capital move on the part of the home forwards, which was not checked, and Young sent in a good shot, which just went outside, this was the signal for brilliant play on the part of Everton. Sharp and Brearley executed a clever run of the right, beating Dunlop, and Brearley receiving a pass sent in a lighting shot, which beat Perkins, thus securing first blood for Everton. The attack was in no way slackened, and after a short period of smart play, Young scored a second goal for Everton thus being after about twenty minutes play. The Everton supporters were simply beside themselves at this unexpected turn of events, but judge of their intense joy two minutes later when Abbott getting in a favourable position, sent the ball in at express speed, and Perkins was completely nonplussed with it. Three goals in little more than as many minutes was very good work for Everton, and could hardly have been more satisfactory.

It was certainly an eye opener to the visitors. Following this exciting and, as far as Everton were concerned, productive play, there was a short period of even play. From a throw in, Cox headed to Glover, who was the means of transporting play to the home end. Balmer was all there, however, and his judicious kicking prevented any mischief. A smart run on the left by Cox was neutralised by Henderson, and then the Anfielders were in front of the Everton goal, but there was some bully on the part of one or two of the front rank, added to which Abbott got his toe to the leather. About the half way line Dunlop had his kick charged down by Brearley, who gave Everton a look in. Raybould and Morris worked hard, Cox was again making tracks for the home goal, but the ball had to be brought back, and them the throw-in the game was waged in midfield, from which Bell got possession, and tried with a shot at long range, which Perkins had no difficult in dealing with. Another shot from Sheridan rebounded off one of the Liverpool backs and them from this Livingstone and Raybould got away nicely. There was a good opportunity for Liverpool at this point, and a penalty kick was given against either Abbott or Balmer for pushing Livingstone in the penalty area. Raybound was entrusted with the kick and easily beat Kitchen, thus opening the score for his side. This point was very welcome under the circumstances, put with standing that it accrued from a penalty. For the next few minutes desultory play was the order until the Blues made an incursion to Liverpool territory, when Dunlop got the ball away with a useful kick. Cox got possession only a short distance from the Everton citadel, but he almost dallied with it too long. His final shot hardy missed going through very close to the ground. Raybould next gained possession and dribbled nicely, finally giving to Cox, whose chance was spoiled by Taylor. A foul was next given against Everton in the Liverpool half, and Dunlop took the kick, which availed nothing. This brought about half time with the Blues pressing. Half-time Everton 3; Liverpool 1.

Raybould restarted for the visitors, but before any impression could be made on the opposing side Henderson returned with a flying kick. The home forwards were evidently in earnest, and reached the Liverpool goal, where a free kick was awarded the visitors, which enabled them to again attack Young Sheridan, and Bell worked the ball down, but their efforts were frustened, although they aided by effective play on behalf of the backs. The Reds were now on the aggressive, and Kitchen had to clear from Raybould. A corner to the Reds was safely got away, after which, there were some brief exchanges between Young and Brearley, and Raybould and Livingstone. Raisbeck headed to Livingstone, who got possession, and passed to Goddard, against whom a foul was given. Nice play on the part of Taylor, and Abbott made an opening for the home forwards, who were troublesome in front of the Liverpool goal, after which, the home team were awarded a free kick. Perkins had next to come out of his goal to negotiate a well-directed shot. Immediately afterwards Cox made poor use of an opportunity and to make matters worse for the visitors Raybould, who headed in, had the point disallowed for some reason or other. Still, the disconragements had little or no effect on the persistence of the Reds, who were playing with commendable earnestness. Young and Brearley were next out on their own, but met strong opposition in Raisbeck, who adroitly footed the ball away. Everton renewed the attack, however, and after Sheridan had been robbed, Bell got in position and shot, but it was unsuccessful. End to end play was the order for a few minutes, after which, the Blues were in a favourable position in front of their opponents' goal. Danger threatened, but the leather was at length got away, when Liverpool were again in danger, Dunlop had the best of bout Young, and once more the home team went away empty handed. Goddard next put in a starting move on the right, eventually meeting his superior in Balmer. The Reds were putting in some good work at this point, and their efforts deserved better success, but they were compelled to retire beaten final result Everton 3, Liverpool 1.

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