Everton take action against Darlington

February 13, 1925. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury

The Everton club have decided to take action against the Darlington Club over the transfer of Scott from Darlington to Liverpool from February 7. There is no question of grievance against Liverpool in regard to the matter, but the Everton directors claim that Scott had already been “booked” by them and should not have been allowed to sign for the Anfield Club. Everton urge that negotiations were opened for the transfer of O'Donnell and Scott together and that both players were “booked” pending satisfactory termination of the deal. O'Donnell was secured but Scott was not fixed up for a week of so, and when the Everton representatives went up to Darlington later to complete the transfer and secure Scott signature, they missed the player. Two days later Mr. WC. Cuff, the Everton chairman stated yesterday, that the club may well be taking the matter before the football League and the football Association and, if necessary, before a civil court. “We have legitimate grounds of complaint against Darlington Club,” “He added,” We consider their action should be subject for inquiry, and we are claiming that inquiry, the facts will be laid before the authorities. I do not wish to say anything further than that at the moment, as it would be unfair to make any suggestion or statement.

Our Darlington correspondent wires that the officials of the Darlington club were astounded on learning that Everton intended to take action, and there appears to be a great deal of doubt in Darlington as to the particular reason on which the Goodison park officials base their claim. When negotiations first opened Everton desired that both O'Donnell and Scott should become their players and a sum was agreed upon for both men. It was them pointed out to the Everton officials that Scott was not likely to leave Darlington, and a separate arrangement was there fore made with regard to O'Donnell. Scott, as anticipated, declined to sign for Everton during that weekend, but still believing that they could induce the player to transfer his affections to Goodison Park. An Everton representative visited Darlington on the following Thursday, again the player declined to sign, and it was generally believed that all negotiations were at an end. This however, from the action of the Everton does not appear to have been the case, for it seems that they consider that they have still some claim upon Scott. The Darlington directors at any rate were convinced that the matter was at an end, and in transferring the player to Liverpool, were not awarded that any rule had been transgressed. They gave Scott a free hand in the matter, and they claim that they have kept faith throughout.

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