Reaction to the Complete Record

We want to share with you some of the feedback we've been receiving since the release of our book "Liverpool: The Complete Record." You can get a preview of the book at our website, and order it simply straight from decoubertin's website. It is also available in Waterstones and WH Smith bookstores.

Fell Walker
I've just been reading the chapter about Liverpool's first European Cup in 1977 and it brought back so many wonderful memories, although I must admit I'd never previously heard the story of the Kopite who nearly lost his crown jewels at the St Etienne game. Oh happy days.

But then Liverpool, The Complete Record is a treasure house packed with gems, from incredible facts, figures and tables to fascinating newspaper reports, fans' tales and the definitive account of every decade of our club's history.

In compiling and writing their book, Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson have truly excelled and my congratulations and thanks go to Iceland's finest for what is destined to be a Liverpool classic.

As I have said elsewhere, if ever I'm marooned on a desert island, this is the one book you can leave me with. Sheer bliss on the beach, day after day after day.

Neil Dunkin (author of "Anfield of Dreams")
"As an exhaustive and comprehensive guide to the club we love, it fully merits the title of masterwork and I cannot praise it highly enough. What an endeavour, what an achievement and how glad I am to be included in the roll of honour."

The KOP Magazine
"Ultimate Book for Kop stattos... If a detailed, accurate, well-written statistical record of every Liverpool game, goal, appearance, league table, substitution, red card and attendance is something you could pore over for hours then welcome to utopia. Liverpool-The Complete Record is the most factually comprehensive book about Liverpool FC. Ever.

Anfield Online (

LIVERPOOL FC: The Complete Record does exactly what is says on the tin. Years of dedication have gone in to the compilation of these statistics from Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson who run popular website Weighing in at 592 pages, this hardback contains the stats and stories from Liverpool FC’s complete history dating back to the clubs’ formation in 1892.

Not only will it eliminate discussions over scorers, line ups, substitutions from the games throughout Liverpool’s history, but each section is filled with a fascinating narrative of Liverpool. Season by season, match details, line-ups, goalscorers and times, league position.  It’s all here – the accompanying text and pictures add to the fascinating history that symbolises Liverpool FC’s 119 year history.

Quite simply this book is a joy to hold, have, read and should be on the bookshelf of any Liverpool FC supporter.  We have no hesitation in urging LFC fans to put this on their list of must-haves.

Alex Miller -
‘The new history of Liverpool is a rare book indeed – one that truly raises the bar’.

Though a Liverpool supporter, there were numerous things I didn’t know about Shankly’s life and times at Anfield, before reading the latest – and arguably the most comprehensive and original – history of the club, just published.

‘Liverpool: The Complete Record’, is written by Arnie Baldursson and Gudmundur Magnusson, the Icelandic editors of, and it’s a treasure trove.

The book uses a smart lay out, with all stats and information wrapped around the content rather than simply dumped at the end of the book. But it is the author’s attention to detail that really stands out. They have acknowledged that goal scorers from certain historical matches have been hard to confirm because local press reports sometimes differ – and official league records historically did not have confirmed goal scorers.

As a result the book’s authors have taken executive decisions on which source would likely be most reliable. At the same time the authors have recognised that in bygone days, club directors picked teams days in advance of a game and reporters at the Liverpool Echo were in such a rush to file their reports that original line-ups were often printed without last-minute replacements being mentioned.

Once every so often a sports book comes along that truly raises the bar. Liverpool: The Complete Record does just that.

John Keith
"The best book about Liverpool Football Club I have ever seen." 

Dr Robin Gowers
"Initial thoughts - it looks great. It has taken statistical works on the club to the next level."

Mark Platt from LFC.TV
"Liverpool The Complete Record - an invaluable source of reference for every Red."

Paul Tomkins
By the looks of it, it really *is* the complete record. Get one.

Gareth Roberts (Well Red)
Looks quality. A must for the Red completist in your life.

William Hughes (LFC Weekly)
"Had a peek at the LFC History lads' new tome The Complete Record. A fine piece of work. As Partridge would say 'Don't drop it on your foot!'"

Richard Buxton from ClickLiverpool
"It's a fantastic book full of LFC stats & stories."

Dave Usher from Liverpool Way
Looks fantastic, brilliantly put together. I'm very impressed, but not surprised as is quality so the book was always going to be top notch."

Kristján Atli - Editor of
I tried my hardest, too, to find any flaws in 'Liverpool: The Complete Record'. Sadly, for the cynical critic in me, there were none to be found. I'm sure if searched for closely enough you can find spelling errors or minor details the authors themselves wish they had done better - as is always the case when large volumes of words are published - but for the last two days I've traversed its' pages and not only found no flaws but thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how essential this book is for any passionate Red!

The book has a simple setup. After a short introduction begins the tale of Liverpool FC, from inception to modern day. The story is divided into chapters, each one detailing roughly one decade in the club's history. The story is linear, going from season to season and detailing noteworthy incidents in each, and is accompanied by statistical data such as final league tables, player appearances/goals, etc. for each season. This retelling of the club's history accounts for roughly 85% of the book's volume, the final 15% containing a long, alphabetical list of all players to have represented the club as well as a list of honours.

The scale of what Arnie and Gudmundur have achieved with the publication of is difficult to put properly into words, for the website has been an endless source of information of any kind for any occasion any Liverpool-fans could find themselves in. By bringing that wealth of information into this linear, historical record they have essentially created LFCHistory's twin: for the wealth of data found online you now also have the wealth of history in printed prose. I'm pretty sure I will be flipping through this book on endless occasion in the future, probably as many times as I visit their website already, for it is filled with tales and accounts that might even surprise the most knowledgeable Liverpool-fan.

Trust me, just get yourselves a copy. This is an essential book for any passionate Red, not to mention the best gift imaginable from one passionate Red to another. The book is beautifully bound with a coloured sleeve and will look good on any bookshelf. Five stars from me, great book! Arnie and Gudmundur, great job!


We've got all the results from official games, appearance stats, goal stats and basically every conceivable statistic from 1892 to the present, every single line-up and substitutions!