1 Phil Thompson is in charge, but it is Gerard Houllier's team that takes the field following a discussion between the two men last week as to tactics for this game. If ever there was going to be nightmare with names, it is fixture. Kiev get things underway with someone whose name ends in "yi". I think.
2 Liverpool move things around well in the as things start to flow, but Heskey playing pretty much as a right-sided midfielder, the gameplan is surely to hold firm at the rear. Kiev break but Hyypia challenges well on the edge of the area as Liverpool players flood back.
8 First chance for Liverpool when Smicer breaks down the left and whips in a cross for Heskey in the six-yard box. Heskey can't make it work and Barmby follows up from the right; Kiev make a hash of the clearance.
9 McAllister a little over-ambitious with a pass from midfield and gives possession away when Liverpool are up in numbers. Other than that, not a bad start for Houllier's, sorrry, Thompson's men.
13 This time it is Murphy who stuffs up his pass to give away possession but Liverpool are let off when Gerard is fouled. Free-kick comes to nothing.
14 Danger for Liverpool after Cernat is sliced down by Henchoz 20 yards out; Kiev gather around the ball, Khatskevitch blasts it in but Dudek stands up well to parry.
16 Gerard plays a great ball through to Smicer on the edge of the area; Smicer checks and then wastes the chance by curling it wide of the far post. The hands on his head tell the story.
20 Melashchenko has a crack from 25 yards - straight at Dudek.
21 Heskey in possession just outside the area; Vaschuk tackles and sweeps the ball to Barmby on his right, Barmby goes down - no penalty. Kiev break and Dudek keeps Liverpool in it with two fine saves, one from a blistering volley by Belkevich.
26 Corner to Kiev; Cernat takes and Dudek claims.
30 Heskey doing a good job of holding things up well as Smicer forages around the edge of the area before shooting high.
34 Liverpool win a corner after a massive throw by Riise into the area - comes to nothing.
36 Kiev with a corner; Hyypia leaps up to head clear. Kiev finding it very hard to break through the wall of red shirts shielding Liverpool's goal.
38 Riise with another huge throw into the area; Heskey gets some of it and although the big man is doing a good job of unsettling the home side, Kiev scramble it clear.
41 Belkevich streaks away into space after Liverpool sell themselves short; Hyypia sticks out a leg, Belkevich looks for the free-kick and wins it. Cernat steps up to put it wide of the right-hand post.
43 GOAL: Dynamo Kiev 0 - 1 Liverpool A raking pass from Gerard out on the right finds Murphy running into the area; Murphy catches it on the volley with his left foot for the opener. Blinder.
45 Liverpool back in numbers for a Kiev corner; comes to nothing.Half-time All in all, not a bad half for Liverpool.

46 Liverpool get the second 45 underway, looking good for something of an historic victory. The advice from the dressing room can only have been 'more of the same, please'.
49 Kiev look no closer to breaking down Liverpool's defence.
53 There is definite pattern to play, and surely no one can be sursprised - Kiev pile forward and get to the edge of the Liverpool area only for the visitors to calmly bring the ball out for the cycle to start all over again.
56 Substitution Husin on for Bodnar.
59 GOAL: Dynamo Kiev 1 - 1 Liverpool Ghioane sneaks in at the far post to convert a great ball from wide on the left. Riise possibly at fault for leaving Ghioane in too much space.
62 Substitution Berger on for Barmby.
64 Booking Heskey.
67 GOAL: Dynamo Kiev 1 - 2 Liverpool Liverpool sweep down the left; the cross is long for Heskey at the far post but the big man heads it back and it falls for Gerard on the edge of the area to put the visitors back in the lead courtesy of a Kiev elbow.
70 Cernat has a crack from 30 yards but Liverpool have 10 men behind the ball and, not surprisingly, the shot hits one of them.
80 Substitutions Idahor on for Melashchenko; Redknapp on for Smicer.
82 Kiev free-kick 25 yards out; played short to Khatskevitch and eventually goes for a corner. Cernat takes and the move ends with a looping ball to the far post - only to be headed wide. A bad miss for Kiev and they know it.
85 Kiev throwing everything at Liverpool now, including making the most of every challenge in the hope of winning a jammy free-kick.
90 Heskey still running around up front as if it was the first half an hour. Three minutes of additional time to play before Liverpool can record a famous victory. Kiev flood the Liverpool half and Cernat is unlucky to see his shoot drift just wide of the far post, although Dudek had it covered. Idahor then releases Cernat on the right; he finds the net, only to see it ruled offside. Full-time Well done Liverpool, the first British team to have won in this stadium in 13 attempts.

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