World cup hero to be honoured

THE achievements of a pioneering Vale footballer will be commemorated in a book detailing the history of the Scottish Cup.

Andrew Hannah was the captain of the famous Renton FC side that was crowned unofficial Champions of the World in 1888.

He also led the team to their second Scottish Cup win over Cambuslang.

Now an American sports historian is hoping to compile a feature on the legendary skipper, to complete a chronicle of the Scottish Cup - the oldest trophy in the footballing world.

Andrew's grand-daughter, Edith Kerr, who stays in Dumbarton, is delighted and says it will help to keep the memory of the footballing greats alive.

The 77-year-old spoke to the Reporter about her grand-dad, who also went on to become the first captain of Liverpool FC.

She said: "I think it's a good thing to be remembering the Renton team's achievements, and that is not just because the captain was my grandfather.

"When the World Cup is on and what not, people are always going on about Brazil and Argentina, but what about the Renton?

"What they achieved is great, and I think that sometimes it is forgotten by some."

Renton beat West Bromwich Albion 4-1 at Hampden in 1888, in what was billed as the World Championship.

The dark blues were playing it on the back of their 6-1 win in the Scottish Cup, while the Hawthorns had just been crowned English FA Cup winners.

Andrew was a big personality in the team and in the area, Edith says, as aside from playing right back for Renton, he worked as a shipyard detective and also owned a milk business in the village.

The right-back was the only player given a medal on the back of the World Championship win, which is still in his family today. Edith explained: "The medal was solid gold and was the only one of its kind ever created.

"Over the years it has featured in news stories, like at the 100th anniversary of the game, but when my grand-dad was alive he wore it on his waistcoat everywhere he went."

Mike Bynum, an American sports historian, is in the middle of editing a book on the history of the Scottish Cup, and wants to dedicate a special part of the book to the famous Renton side, and their captain in particular.

He got in touch with the Reporter because of a story the paper ran in 1988 as part of the 100-year anniversary of the World Championship win.

The expert, who has traced his relatives to Dumbarton, said: "Andrew Hannah later became the first captain of Liverpool FC - he is one of the most influential figures of the great history of Vale of Leven and Dumbarton football, and I look forward to speaking to Edith and his family."

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