A missed penalty proves costly

At Anfield before 20,000 spectators. The City men won the toss, and Meredith elected to play in the direction of the Oakfield-road end, with, however, the sun against them.
City went away, ploughing through the mud in glorious fashion until Parry fouled Booth. Gillespie dropped in a beauty, the ball alighting on the crossbar, with the custodian thoroughly beaten. The pace was terrific, the Liverpool men making another desperate assault, in which Raybould fought heroically with the City defence. Off a City back the ball bounded out to Goddard, who touched the ball to Robinson, and with the goal at his mercy the inside right opened the score nine minutes from the commencement.

Ashworth forced a throw in, and from this Gillespie was placed in possession. His shot was challenged by a crowd of opponents, but letting fly for all he was worth, he thoroughly beat Cotton with a fine, low shot. Twenty minutes from the start the City goal was again lowered, and after a magnificent shot from the foot of Cox the ball struck the inside of the far post and rebounded into play, where, lying well up, Raybould gained possession and had little difficulty in beating Hillman. The City retaliated in splendid fashion, and four minutes from the interval Hynds obtained an equalising goal from a corner, beautifully taken by Meredith.

Half-time: – Liverpool, 2 goals; Manchester City, 2.

Immediately on the restart Goddard got in a fine shot from an awkward angle. Hillman, however, was equal to the demand, and his powerful fist repelled the ball some distance down the field. Like a flash the ball was carried to the home end, where Gillespie, meeting a centre from the right, occasioned Cotton some uneasiness with a ball which the custodian cleverly diverted over the cross-bar. During a short attack the home men appealed for a penalty against Burgess, and this was taken by Goddard, but Hillman managed to save. Liverpool were now fighting hard to regain the lead, and they kept play in the Manchester half for some time, but the City defence was impregnable. The scene veered round to the opposite end, and following a centre from the right, Hynds headed the ball into the goal-mouth, where Cotton effected a capital save.

Result: – Liverpool, 2 goals, Manchester City, 2 goals.

Copyright - Manchester Courier, 07-03-1904 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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