In an exclusive interview with, Pepe Reina gives the lowdown on his teammates and reveals who he is close to off the pitch.

Jamie Carragher

It's his heart and his head. He is very important in the dressing room. His mind is always on football and he is 100 per cent professional. He has real character and tries to help the team with this character. He tries to help his teammates positionally, both with and without the ball. It's important to have someone like that - it's like a manager on the pitch.

Martin Skrtel

He does a good job. We have all been surprised at his performances because he is so young. He can still improve but already he has a brilliant character and he's a really tough guy. He is one of the toughest in the squad because he's powerful and so determined. It's unbelievable. He is quite quiet, that's his way, but once he gets onto the pitch he is not shy any more. He always wants the ball.

Daniel Agger

He's different from the other centre-backs in terms of playing the ball nicely and playing beautiful football. But he's also a tough guy - he has great character. He is an important player for us. The fact he is left-footed is also important for the team. He's not very talkative off the pitch, he's shy; but he has a couple of businesses and this shows how comfortable he is in Liverpool. He's a nice lad.

Alvaro Arbeloa

He's been one of our most consistent players this season. Maybe he's underrated with the public but he knows how important he is and that's all that matters.

Fabio Aurelio

He's one of the best players, not just at Liverpool but the entire Premier League. He has been unlucky with injuries but he's very important for us both defending and attacking. He's very good at set pieces also.

Steven Gerrard

He is the heart and soul of Liverpool, and is probably our most important player alongside Fernando. The character he shows in every single training session and every single game makes all of us feel even more commitment to Liverpool. I have played alongside many good players and he is one of the very best without doubt. He's also our penalty taker, and in training he always beats me. We need to do something about this because it hurts my morale! More importantly, he also does it at key times on the pitch.

Xabi Alonso

He is the man with the ball. He can pass five yards and 45 yards exactly the same way. He had his best season so far last year. He is Spanish, so it's always easy to speak to him off the pitch. We spend a lot of time together.

Javier Mascherano

He is a real winner. He is brave, quick and has passion. He knows what his qualities are and he exploits them really well. He's the kind of player you don't want to play against - he's annoying to play against.

Lucas Leiva

He is young but has shown great spirit. He is never intimidated by anyone even though he's 22-years-old and playing in the Premier League. Lucas fights for every ball and puts in good tackles. He can still improve but he has a lot of qualities to exploit.

Albert Riera

We knew each other from the national team even before he arrived here, and I think that's made it easier for him to settle down in Liverpool. He is skilful and has a good left foot. He's a great player and gives us a lot of variety down the left.

Dirk Kuyt

It's annoying how much he runs! He never stops. The stamina he has is just unbelievable. For any team, this kind of thing is important. He is a lovely guy off the field too. I am very close to him because he plays golf and cards. We are always together and I'd say I know him better than I know any of my teammates.

Yossi Benayoun

He's also a lovely guy. He's skilful between the lines and maybe he's the only one in the squad with these qualities. He's clever and quick with his feet.

Fernando Torres

He is always trying to improve. People probably don't realise how much he looks at his own mistakes and tries to sort them out. He wants to be the best player in the world. It's that commitment, that unselfish personality, which makes him the player he is. He's already in the top three players in the world and of course he can be the best one day because he's still only 25. He has so much potential and is at the best club in the world. I would like to look like him as well! He takes care of himself!

Pepe Reina

You'd have to ask my teammates. But I try to be as professional as I can and help my teammates. I think I'm a nice, normal guy. Probably I'm one of the loudest in the squad, that's how I've always been.

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