Welfare's promising debut

Henry Welfare made a promising debut according to the Liverpool Echo: "He resembles Blanthorne in that he is of big height, can head a ball, and has a cramped run. He worked like a “brick” all through the game, and his dash, tired as he was from the three-quarters stage, was ever to be feared. Three times a Wednesday full back tried to clear, and the ball cannoned against Welfare. I like the centre that follows up. Welfare used his weight fairly and with good result, and it was delicious to see him bowl over one of the Wednesday defenders. It is easy to get a man down if he is unbalanced, or is on one leg, but Welfare got his man straight on the shoulder, and though the resistance was great, Welfare put his man down. I was sorry the Northern Nomad amateur didn’t get a goal, for he deserved one. His inward pass and his care for the wings were judicious and timed to the right fraction of a minute. It was his pass that gave Metcalf a chance to equalise, and the handshakes were not confined to the scorer only – which is at it should be if handshaking must be done when anyone scores.

The Echo commented as well: "The goals were of similar pattern. McLean got his through a pass over the head of Peake, Wilson being the “passer. ” Miller put the ball up high so that Welfare could receive and pass forward to Metcalf, and finally Welfare was clogged in an effort, and the ball came out to Miller, who gave Davison “nothing better to do” than pick the ball from the back netting. The inside forwards of Liverpool are getting a lot of goals lately, and Goddard is playing right at his best. McKinlay had a few chances because Miller didn’t give him much work. However, the three inside forwards having adopted the “inner” game, in was natural that a wing man could be out of work for longish periods. Liverpool’s half backs were capital, and Ferguson and Peake gave another storming game. Our full backs are not of the classy type, but they “get there,” and the amount of work they go through is tremendous. Mis-kicking at times was a fault of both of them, but on the whole they were safe.

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