Hillsborough single out today!

Visit the official 'Fields of Anfield Road' website where you can find details of how to buy the new Hillsborough single - either as a download or as a CD. The aim is to get as many people to download it so that it makes number one in the pop charts by 15th April to help mark the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy.

You can watch a new music video for the Hillsborough song at the official Liverpool website featuring local bands and members of the Hillsborough Families Support Group and ex-Reds Kenny Dalglish, John Aldridge, Phil Thompson, Bruce Grobbelaar and Alan Kennedy.

This newly created version of Kop favourite 'Fields of Anfield Road' includes an extra verse penned by Farm frontman Peter Hooton in tribute to the 96.

Beside the Hillsborough flame
I heard a kopite Mourning
Why so many taken on that day
Justice has never been done
But their memory will carry on
There'll be glory round the
Fields of Anfield road


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