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Paddy's mate: Vladi, what was it like scoring such a crucial goal and penalty in your last game, the European Cup Final? 
Vladimír Šmicer: Scoring the penalty was the biggest test of my whole career. It's easy to say no when you are asked by the manager but I wanted to prove my worth. I was 32 and wanted to show I wasn't afraid to take the responsibiity. I told Rafa I'd love to take one. I sent Dida the wrong way. I told Milan Baros I'd put it right, but Dida kept going left! Milan told me to stick with it and Dida went left again! It was such an important goal for me. If I'd missed, my last game in a Liverpool shirt might have ended differently. The pressure was big. I felt so proud to score. It was easily the best day of my life.

tariku: What is your goal for the end of your career?
Vladimír Šmicer: Last February I had a muscle injury in my hamstring and it cost me the World Cup and some of this year too. I'm playing again now so my target is to play at least one more year and take some pleasure from these last few months. I just want to enjoy the last year of my career. Most of my ambitions have been fulfilled so now I want to have fun and relax - but also to win!

Frank's Wild Years: When scoring 'that' goal in Istanbul (thank you!), did it feel like the ultimate vindication for what was often a very stop/start spell at Liverpool? And other than that, what was your favourite moment for Liverpool?
Vladimír Šmicer: My other favourite moments for Liverpool came in 2001 when we won 5 trophies. I played the full season and it was the year I played my best football for Liverpool that season. Just signing for Liverpool in itself was a dream because I supported them as a kid. It was a dream come true. The year 2001 was my other highlight for sure but nothing will compare to that win in 2005! I will also remember the pride I felt playing for Liverpool. The fans sometimes did not like the way I played but I accepted it and still loved every minute of it.

BeN: Hi Vladimir. At Liverpool you played with your fellow Czechs Patrick Berger and Milan Baros. What do you think of them, and what do you think of the Czech Rep team currently?
Vladimír Šmicer: Milan was on top form in 2004, it was a pity he left Liverpool for Villa, but he's in Lyon now starting again. I think he can recover his best form soon, I hope so. With Patrik Berger - he is still the most talented Czech player of his generation. His left foot is magic. He scored some lovely goals for the Reds. His injuries have destroyed his career more than most. He's been so unlucky. Liverpool fans love him. As for the Czech team, right now we are transition. We're missing a lot of great players but we still have some brilliant ones like Čech and Rosický. We need more depth if they are missing.

hels: Hello Vladi its Helen from Liverpool. I hope all is well and you're enjoying life in France. It was lovely to see you back at Anfield for the Bordeaux game and meet you afterwards - lots of love Helen. How does it feel to be classed as a Liverpool Legend?
Vladimír Šmicer: Hi Helen! I am not sure I am a legend! It is kind of you to say. I am just happy to have been a Liverpool player. I had six great years and if the fans think I did a good job I feel proud. True Liverpool legends are Gerrard and Carraghers. They are unbelievable!

dave: Hello Vlad. i was in Istanbul and had the best week of my life. Just a quick note to say thankyou for your goal and pen. You are a legend and hope to see you in athens cheering the reds
Vladimír Šmicer: Liverpool fans are always awesome. They are the key. At 3-0 down they were amazing in Istanbul. They lifted us so much. You know that Liverpool fans will be with them. The players know you are obligated to give the fans success because they crave it so much. They will make a lot of noise in Athens for sure! It's the final and they will make it one to remember. Reds fans deserve it.

dissy8: How disappointed were you not to get the chance to play at Anfield for Bordeaux? You would have got a great reception.
Vladimír Šmicer: I was so gutted not to play at Anfield that night. I never had a chance to say goodbye to the Reds fans after Istanbul. I was so disappointed. I wish Rafa had played me against Aston Villa in the last Premiership game before Istanbul. After six years I would have loved to have said bye to the Anfield fans. When I was not in the squad I was so sad. The Bordeaux match was my chance to get a reception. But the injuries killed me and it was impossible to play. Maybe one day I will play a friendly or something at Anfield. I hope so! 

Dingus: A lot of ex-Liverpool players travelled to Istanbul - will you be travelling/watching the game?
Vladimír Šmicer: I'd love to be in Athens but we have a game that weekend so we might have training the next day. If we are guaranteed second place already I will ask the coach if I can go to Athens but if we still have something to play for, I will have to miss out. Next year I will go to the final when Liverpool are in it again!

BURNA: Vladimir, just want to say thanks for your part in the greatest Reds match so far, i watched it again the other day. WEL DONE MATE!!
RedMike-86-: I echo that, many thanks for the years you dedicated to Liverpool FC Vlad - You'll Never Walk Alone!
Finnish Red: Vlad, best regards from Finland and just wanted to thank you for all those years at Anfield. Always in our hearts!

niz: Hi, Vladimir, you have been a part of the Czech national team at the major championships, and have come very close to winning the European Championship in particular on two occasions. How would you sum up your international career? Any regrets?
Vladimír Šmicer: I think I did well for the national team. It all started in 1993, I played in three EUROs, had 81 caps and 27 goals, so I think I did well for my country. My only regret was not playing in the World Cup finals with the Czech Republic team. Aside from that I have no regrets and I enjoyed it a lot.

LeighC: Hi Vladimir, What do you think about the new American owners at Liverpool football club and do you think its good news for the club as a whole.
Vladimír Šmicer: Honestly I don't know if Liverpool's new owners are a good thing. I hope so! If they are bringing more money it will be good. I knew the former owner and he was a special man. He was quiet but a real fan. I hope the new owners will follow the team with as much support as David Moores.

Numbers: With your experience in Istanbul in mind, are AC Milan better or weaker than 2005? Tactially how do you see us beating them? And most importantly, should we give them a four- or five-goal lead this time?
Vladimír Šmicer: It's best not to give Milan a four or five goal lead this time! It was a miracle before, and something that might not be repeated ever. How we won that game still amazes me. I hope Liverpool lead this time. I think both teams are similar to 2005. Up front Milan aren't scoring goals. Liverpool have to stop Kaká and Gattuso. Benítez will get it right again. Come on the Reds!

Reddave7: Vladi mate you're a legend at this great club. Thanks for your goal and penalty in Istanbul. It was a shame you couldn't play against Liverpool for Bordeaux earlier this season because the Kop could have really thanked you. Good luck with the rest of your career.
Vladimír Šmicer: Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed it. Good luck Liverpool in Athens. See you soon!

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