Pepe celebrates Spain's European Cup win in style!

As the conquering heroes, Spain, returned home after winning the European championship, Jose Reina took centre stage.

Reina gets the crowd involved

Explanation by a Spanish LFC fan: ..."It basically goes like this:

"The other day, I went to a restaurant and there was a very rude waiter. "Camareroooo (waiter)....."
then it's just a play with words, and phonetics.
The last one is a good example "Camareroooo....."
"Una de champiñones" (one of mushrooms)
(champiñones" sounds like "campeones")
campeoooooones, campeoooooones......

Jose Reina introduces the Spanish players one by one

Explanation by a Spanish LFC fan: ...A resume of pepe's introduction of spanish players.

-With the number 1, the man without hand, who made possible our dream ...Iker Casillas

-With number 2, the longest sausage in the world...Raul Albiol

-With number 3, the authentic and genuine Fernando Navarro

-With number 4, the kaiser of the area, the boss in the defence, Marchena

-With number 5, Tarzan, the man who only eats pinneaple. Carlos Puyol

-With number 6, the man who never sees the light of sun. Andres Iniesta

-With number 7, The Spain's seven, the euro 2008 "pichichi" (top goal scorer), with more cojones than anybody... el "guaje" villa (guaje is like the kid in austurias)

-With number 8, the Humphrey Bogart of Spanish football, Xavi Hernandez

............... the translation unfortunately stops just ahead of Reina's introduction of Fernando Torres.

More of the celebrations of the Spanish players at la Plaza de Colón 

Reina leading the conga line

Video footage captures the Spanish football team celebrating their Euro 2008 win onboard a plane to Madrid. The air stewardesses joined in the celebrations with a version of the Macarena.

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