Dalglish pays tribute to loyal Moran

RONNIE MORAN will be "barking" on the touchline again tonight, but fellow Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish says the sound of the former coach's voice will be music to the ears of the stars on parade at Anfield.

Dalglish will line-up in a celebrity match kicking-off at 6.50pm tonight.

And as Ronnie resumes coaching duties in the dug-out, the noise from those famous tonsils will bring memories flooding back.

Said Dalglish: "Tonight will be magnificent for him and although he deserves it after giving his working life to Liverpool he would never have expected it.

"Ronnie is very well respected not only at Anfield but throughout the game and he is a very decent and down-to-earth bloke.

"When I was there he had very simple ideas and very simple tastes and perhaps that's what's most appealing about him.

"He was never afraid to bark when he needed to but his simplicity in coaching sessions, which many would find difficult to put across, came to him with ease."

Dalglish worked closely with Moran as player and manager over a 14 year period at Anfield.

Throughout that time, the Celtic Director of Football Operations understood the importance of a loyal backroom team.

Added Dalglish: "He served the club as well as anyone and can take credit during the successful years as well as any of the players.

"My time at Liverpool brings back memories of a great bunch of lads who weren't arrogant and weren't affected by the success which they had enjoyed in Europe before I got there - Ronnie Moran is one of them."

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