Everton's shock tactic won the day

A victory well and truly won by an Everton much-superior in every way to their rivals. Some of the winners football was excellent. The Liverpool attack apart from the first ten minutes was non-existent. It was completely subdued by the Everton defence. Thus the season’s Derby games are balanced, Liverpool having won the Goodison game. It was Everton’s forwards which won, them the day, but one must not forget the work of those behind in this complete triumph.
Liverpool Nil, Everton 2

By Stork

Liverpool; Crossley, goal; Shepherd and Spicer, backs; Heydon, Jones (WH), and Paisley, half-backs; Woan, Balmer (captain), Stubbins, Haigh, and Liddell, forwards. Everton; Sagar, goal; Moore and Rankin, backs; Grant, Jones (TE) and Farrell (captain), half-backs; Fielding, Hold, McIntosh, Potts, and Eglington, forwards. Referee; Mr. A. C. Denham (Preston). Liverpool won the toss and elected to defend the Kop goal. They needed with a swift raid, in which Stubbins and Liddell took part but the Scot’s final pass to his inside colleagues went astray, and this sent Everton on a goal raid, but McIntosh was involved in an offside decision. Hold found himself in position when a ball cannoned off his chest down to his feet and after dribbling his way through to within the penalty area he transferred the ball to Fielding and in his defensive role Spicer away a corner. This was perfectly placed by Fielding, and as the ball came swirling into the Liverpool goalmouth the tall McIntosh reared his head and the ball was nodded to the back of the net in two minutes.

History Repeated

Thus history was repeated for in the corresponding game last year Everton ignored within a minute. This was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise to Everton, but Liverpool were soon challenging for an equalizer. The corner they gained, however did not produce the desired result for there was no one on the far side of the Goodison goal, who could turn the flag-kick to good effect. There were many tense moments at both ends, and when Jones the Everton centre half, failed to gather a ball there was extreme danger for Everton for Baines came rushing through at top speed and it seemed that Sagar was bound to be brought to duly, but the Liverpool captain was ultimately dispossessed. Play was soon in the Liverpool half again and Eglington tried a right-footer which passed outside.

End-to-End Play

When Eglington was down his wing, many thought he should have been granted a corner kick but the referee was right on the spot and decided against it. From the goal-kick Stubbins who was at this moment well in the rear, picked up the ball and dribbling his way through he cleverly side-footed the ball to Haigh, but the youngster, having to make his pass quickly, scooped the ball up in the air and to an Everton defender. Nevertheless it showed the trend of matters, for first it was one goal and then the other which came under the eye although neither goalkeeper had so far had a save of any importance to make for I don’t consider Crossley had any chance when McIntosh got his goal. The play was exceedingly fast, and when Hold picked up a loose ball he veered to the right before he delivered his low centre across the Liverpool goal but Crossley got down on the ball and saved.

K.O. For Liddell

Hold came second time, but this time he found his shot cannoned out after McIntosh had made a reasonably good opening for him. Liddell was knocked out when a centre by Fielding caught him in the stomach and he had to receive attention from Trainer Shelley. He was soon back and Moore with a free kick lobbed the ball into the Liverpool goalmouth but it was speedily cleared, and the next movement of note was a goal kick by Sagar which emphasized just how this game fluctuated. So far Haigh and Woan had not shown up very brightly, but when the inside man tried a long pass out of his “friends” he was just a little too strong of the leg, and the ball passed out. Potts was working like a Trojan and when he slipped a neat ball out to Eglington the danger to Liverpool was paramount. In fact, it produced a corner kick, but this proved valueless.

Paisley’s Jugging Act

It was interesting fare, and often Spicer with a big clearance kept the ball almost parallel with the side-line, it enabled Liddell to challenge Moore but his attempting header to bring the ball to boot was just a shade too strong. Bobby Paisley ticked the spectators fancy when he did a juggling act with the ball on his head, the only unfortunate part about this trick was that the ball eventually passed over the line. If anything Everton had looked the more dangerous side, and when Fielding passed right over to Eglington, this fleet-footed Everton member cracked in a short-range shot, which Crossley pushed round his post for a corner. The Liverpool goalkeeper did another good job in almost the next second when patted down and cleared a hook shot by McIntosh

Sagar Out of Work

I don’t think Sagar had a single shot in the first 20 minutes of the game, but when he did come into action, it was a long header by Stubbins which was really not trouble-come to him. Jones (T.E.) was finding Stubbins a tough hit a crack, and to be perfectly frank, the Liverpool man had the better of things thus far. Then we had a mild-sensation in the Everton goal when Liddell centred low down and Sagar fumbled the ball, which brought back memories of some of a week ago. Fielding had a shot blocked and then Crossley was very thankful to see Spicer turn an Eglington centre high over his own bar.

Everton’s Advantage

Everton were using the ball to a better advantage than their rivals who were more individual raiders than a collective whole. McIntosh, who was on the ground just inside the Liverpool penalty area, pushed the ball away with his hands and when Liddell tried to bore his way down the middle he found Jones the stumbling block. Potts was keeping Eglington well piled with takable passes, and Eglington’s responded with some very good centre, one of which could have very easily produced a goal to Hold had the inside right had the necessary time to take more deliberate aim. He was challenged however almost immediately he got possession. Woan showed his centring ability when he put one into Sagar’s hands and then the next thing of note was another Everton corner, and Eglington centre to Hold who headed wide.

Desperate Defence

The pressure of both sets of forwards was sometimes so hot that only desperate defence got the respective sides out of their difficulties. Everton seemed to specialize in corners and they took two more in quick succession but neither proved worthwhile. Potts appeared to be on the fringe of a goal after he had started the movement, and then found himself with the task of trying to beat Shepherd in a race for the ball. The Liverpool man won it to prevent what would have been, I feel sure, a certain goal. Hereabouts, Everton were playing some top-class football. One movement over on the far side of the field was a sheer delight and made Liverpool’s effort look rather feeble. Bill Jones was one of the towers of strength in the Liverpool defence with able assistance in Paisley and Heydon, but still Everton were able to win corners. The speed of the Everton attack was one of its successes and Liverpool’s Jones realizing this made a quick pass to his goalkeeper to avert trouble for himself and his side. Liverpool’s new combination of Haigh and Woan linked together to provide the former with an opportunity to test Sagar with a header. Eglington shot straight across the goal face into the Kop and this was the final incident of a half which had been interesting with Everton the superior.

Half-time; Liverpool nil, Everton 1

Liverpool are acknowledged a 20 per cent better side when they are kicking towards their favourite goal, in the Kop and but for a slight misunderstanding they might have produced the equalizing goal in the first minute of the half, but as one left it to another the fine opening was missed although Woan did come along with a hard shot that passed wide.

“Mac” in the Wars

A corner to Liverpool following on and then the Everton left wing with knife-like precision swept through the Liverpool defence and eventually the ball was transferred to Fielding whose long centre appeared to be passing out until McIntosh coming up from nowhere made a header into the side netting. In his effort the Everton centre forward went tumbling over the concrete wall behind the goal and was injured, so seriously, it was thought at one time, that the stretcher was called but fortunately was not required, and “Mac” was soon back in the battle area.

Moore v. Liddell 

In fact he had a short, sharp tussle, with Paisley for possession won, it only to put his pass to Fielding a shade too far back. Everton were still pressing their cause, whereas the Liverpool forward line could not get moving and even Liddell found that young Moore was a vastly improved full back. At all events he fell victim to Moore more than once. Potts completely switched the point of attack when he booked a long ball out to Eglington which had the Liverpool defence spread eagled but the Irish winger did not do justice to Potts good work. Everton were still the dominating party and a Fielding centre was headed further on by Hold, but neither Potts nor Eglington could connect up with the ball before the Liverpool defence gathered to cut out what looked an obvious danger.

Trumph of Defences

Woan had a shot outside, but so far Sagar task in the Everton goal had been pleasant one. Try how they would the Liverpool forwards could not beat down Everton’s youthful defence. Jones (T.E.) had settled down to more confident play than had been the case in the earlier moments in the game, while Rankin and Moore had stood steadfast to the calls that had been made on them. By the same token Bill Jones and his comrades had stood defiant against some very determined advances on the part of the Everton attack. Liverpool fans were still yearning for a goal but the promise that their desire would be fulfilled was not hopeful unless there was a big change in Liverpool’s attacking power.

“Mac” Does It Again

McIntosh started a movement and finished it with a goal. This is how it all came about. He beat Jones and Spicer and then calmly slipped the ball out to Fielding, who delivered a hanging centre close to the Liverpool crossbar. Mac had taken up position and once again his head applied the finishing touch to mark up Everton’s second goal at 64 minutes. It was a goal very similar in its character to the first one, and those who are inclined to blame Crossley should remember that there were three Everton men standing almost alongside him. Crossley almost immediately afterwards tipped one over the bar from Fielding. It was all Everton hereabouts and Hold was only foiled at the last fraction of a second by Crossley as he (Hold) to slip the ball beyond the Liverpool keeper. Hold came a second time and Crossley had a act smartly to keep Hold’s header from crossing his line. A free kick against Everton was more helpful to Everton than Liverpool for the kick was so quickly cleared that Fielding was able to dart off and put in a long centre which Crossley dealt with. It is only stating a fact that there was only one team in it now, and there had been almost from the start. But for Shepherd Everton would have made it, three nil, for a McIntosh header had beaten everyone else until Shepherd took the ball on his knees before he went on to kick the ball off the goal line.

Jones to the Rescue

Fielding, who had been more fiery today, lashed one into the side netting and from the goal kick Crossley only half hit the ball and it went to McIntosh who quickly took the chance with Crossley out of goal but Bill Jones stepped into the breach to save the situation. Everton were as dominating today as Liverpool had been in the season’s first Derby game at Goodison, but when Woan beat TE Jones and swept across a good length centre there was a distinct Liverpool threat of a goal. The best they got however, was a corner and like so many corners today it produced nothing

Goal-Laden Centres

Hereabout Liverpool came a little more into the game but it was only a flash for Fielding was soon on the job once more sending those goal-laden centres to that far side of the Liverpool goal, but this time Crossley reached up and pulled the ball down from under his bar.

Final; Liverpool nil, Everton 2. Official attendance 48,688.

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