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The all-conquering Liverpool side of the 1980's may have been ahead of their time on the field, but off it they loved nothing more than a pint and a punch-up amongst themselves.

The colourful Zimbabwe international dropped in on Soccer AM to reveal the secrets of the Reds success during a period in which he won six league titles, one European Cup, three FA Cups and three League Cups.

And Grobbelaar took great delight in pointing out there wasn't a dietician, an isotonic drink or an ice bath in sight.

Liverpool were successful in the eighties without the money, diet, fitness coaches and all the rest of it.

"We got fit at the beginning of the season then just trained and sustained our fitness throughout the season," he told Soccer AM.

"During the season we also did a lot of carbs-loading, which means we had a lot of hops, malt and barley with a lot of water - it's called beer.

"At Liverpool our used to have steak eggs and chips, but then the whole regime changed and we had to have pasta and rice.

Before every game famous goalscorer Ian Rush used to have steak eggs and chips. Then the whole regime changed with pasta and rice and he didn't score for six weeks. So he said, 'Right, I'm having steak, egg and chips' - and he scored a hat-trick!"

Grobbelaar will always be remembered for his mad dashes from goals, trick and flicks and his "spaghetti legs" in the 1984 European Cup final success over Roma.

You might also recall several high-profile fall-outs with his team-mates during matches, not least Steve McManaman - which even carried on in the dressing room

"I remember playing at Goodison Park when we drew 4-4 with Everton, that was the famous McManaman debacle," Grobbelaar said.

"We went back into the dressing room and yes there were a lot of boots thrown at each other. Then we had to go and get in the bath and normally if you've done anything bad the rest of the players don't say anything.

"But this time I had to do something so I took one of the players, stuck his head under the water and sat on it.

"Who it was remains a secret - what goes on in the dressing room stays in the dressing room!"

Craig Johnston. We just called him Skippy because he ran and ran. Of course ex-pats went over to Australia and shot kangaroos, which is probably why he ran so much!

Sorry, Jan (Molby)...

In the Liverpool pack there were probably about five or six of us. The biggest one was probably Alan Hansen, but there was Ian Rush and Ronnie Whelan... you know who you are!

There was a lot of people who thought they were intelligent... Mr Alan Hansen!

There were a few of those, but I think you're looking at Steve Nicol, my old room-mate. He was one sandwich short of a picnic.

The Liverpool team! The only good part about that Cup Final song was John Barnes - he could rap. I think the only people that know the words to that song by heart are my daughters!

It was me!

You mean literally? Who was out of the dressing room last, the one that wanted to get himself looking all nice? John Barnes!

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