Ian Rush scores and Liverpool still lose

'It was incredible the record lasted that long'

I remember the game perfectly. My first spell at Liverpool was just coming to an end, I already knew I'd be joining Juventus at the end of the season, and I was desperate to win something in my final season at the club. We knew that the League Cup was going to be our best chance - we were top of the league at the time but we'd lost our last couple of matches and Everton were breathing down our necks with games in hand, and they ended up winning it.

We played pretty well as I remember. Charlie Nicholas claimed Arsenal's two goals but they were soft, rubbish goals. The second took a massive deflection to beat Bruce Grobelaar. We'd been really confident coming into the final, not because Arsenal weren't a good team but because we knew we had the ability to beat them. What was good about us was our teamwork - we didn't play as individuals. My goal proved that. Steve McMahon could easily have had a shot himself but he squared for me to sidefoot past David Seaman. But Arsenal were a decent side, they just kept plugging away.

I'd been at Liverpool for seven years and it was incredible to go that long without losing when I'd scored. In the previous year's FA Cup final against Everton they'd been 1-0 up at half-time and I equalised with about half an hour to go. Speaking to their players after the game some of them said they knew they were going to lose when I scored. We ended up winning 3-1. This time I'd put us ahead and Charlie equalised just before half-time.

Nobody thought we were destined to win just because I'd scored, but we didn't panic. The atmosphere in the dressing-room at half-time was quite relaxed, it was just go out there and do the same again. We felt that if we could up our performance by 10% we'd always win the game. Unfortunately it didn't go for us that time.

I remember walking around after we had lost. The supporters were disappointed. We'd tried our best but sometimes you need a bit of luck to win the thing. With my record going and my move to Juventus set up it felt like the end of an era. But maybe it was fate. After seven years and all those games and goals we'd never been beaten when I scored, but the following week we went to Norwich and lost 2-1 and I scored then too.

- Ian Rush

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