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What may be looked upon as the decider in the League tournament, which all the world and his wife knows took place at Anfield this afternoon, was not boycotted in consequences of the storm in a teacup which occurred in connection with the replayed final cup tie.

On the contrary, spectators favoured by fine weather rolled up in the same sweet old way, and a quarter of an hour before the start, judging by appearances, they bid fair to fully test the holding capacity of the ground. The Foresters, arrayed in spotless white, first made their bow to the crowd, and were closely followed by the home team, both elevens being received in a friendly manner. They took their positions in the following order.

Liverpool. – Perkins, goal; Robertson, right back; Dunlop, left back, Parry, Raisbeck and Goldie, half-backs; Robertson, Walker, Raybould, Satterthwaite, and Cox, forwards.
Notts Forest. – Linacre, goal, McCurdy left back; Iremonger, right back, Timmins, McPherson and Robinson half-backs; T. Forman, Murray, Calvey, Capes and Dean, forwards.

The Forest won the toss, but effected to play against the wind. Raybould started operations, and in the first minute of the game, each goal was in danger, but escaped without harm. The Forest having gained a corner, Walker was making away, when “hands” was given against Robinson, and from the free kick Liverpool made a great onslaught on the Notts goal, Raybould nearly scoring for the home team. A brilliant touch by McPherson raised the siege, and the Forest made off on the left. After this Liverpool pressed forward again, and at the end of a somewhat long bombardment Satterthwaite shot over the bar.

A long return by Robertson went out of play, and then the home team forced a corner, from which the ball was placed outside. A sudden move by the Notts left wingers was well looked after by Parry, but the leather was then sent over to the right, where Dean and Capes became particularily busy. Raisbeck jumped in and saved, but the leather was scarcely allowen to pass over the centre line, Capes returning and driving terribly hard, Perkins catching the ball high up and effecting a brilliant save, but at the expense of a corner. This having been cleared, Robertson and Walker made off in company, but beyond a bully in front of the Forest goal, nothing very exciting occurred.

Hereabouts a heavy shower passed over the ground, Satterthwaite making a bold bid for goal, and Raybould following suit. Calvey then made a pretty touch, T. Forman took up the running, closely pursued by Robertson. The Notts man, however, got in his centre, but just in the nick of time Raisbeck came to the rescue and gave welcome relief. Then the Liverpool outside right winger easily beat Timmins and sprinted away for all he was worth, but at the finish Iremonger came across the field and kicked out. However, the homesters still kept up a hot attack, and gained a couple of corners, but although they clustered round the Notts goal on several occasions, they failed to net the ball.

A clean bit of work was seen at the other end when Forman let drive at Perkins, who brought off a particularily fine save. A lot more pressure was put on by the Liverpudlians, who advanced on right and left, to which the Notts men answered by continually kicking out. Eventually however Robertson dodged Trimmer and McPherson, and carried the ball clean through, Walker coming in at the finish and sending in an oblique shot, which travelled high and strong, but eventually the ball found a resting place among the spectators.

About this time the bold Foresters were having nothing of the game, except an occasional short burst. When the game had been in progress in about twenty-five minutes the home right wingers worked the ball up towards the Notts goal, and at the proper moment Robertson shot hard, and struck one of the goal posts, and rebounded to Cox, who promptly fastened on and placed the ball past Linacre. Liverpool’s goal, being cheered to the echo. It should be mentioned, however, that just before this occurred McPherson had left the field injured, Notts Forest thus playing with ten men. For a minute or two afterwards, the Foresters bucked up, but they were gradually forced back, and their stronghold was subjected again to a strong bombardment. Satterthwaite, Robertson, Walker, and Raybould each trying their hand Linacre saved twice from the last-named player.

Calvey restarted the game, McPherson still being an absentee. The ball was at once sent to the Notts’ left, but Robertson captured it and went away being checked at the three-quarter line. A couple of minutes from the commencement Linacre was in difficulties, and had Raybould been a yard further in, another goal would have been given against Notts. Tricky work by Dean and Capes carried the ball in Liverpool half, but at last the first-named came to grief and the homesters came back and once more had nearly all the game. There was quite an exciting scene in front of the Notts’ goal, and at last Goldie sent in a beautiful shot, with which Linacre vainly endeavoured to deal, and which scored a second goal for Liverpool.

Ere long Raisbeck sent in a daisy-cutter, which just missed tha mark, and Capes replied with a weak shot at Perkins’ charge. At the other end the ball was passed out to Robertson, who let Walker have a chance, but before tha last named could shoot he was forced to his knees. Then Cox gave a swinging centre, from which Walker shot by the side of the goal, and from a further attempt on the part of Cox, Raybould netted the ball, but was pronounced offside. Following this the two features of the game were the immense amount of pressure on the part of Liverpool, and the brilliant goalkeeping of Linacre, who kept out the finest of shots from Cox, Satterthwaite, and Raybould in splendid style, and was cheered all round the ground.



As often with reports from the newspapers at this time the report ends at half-time and simply prints the final score following the first half report. Another account though by an "Impartial observer" reports on the second half as well.

"At the interval it transpired that McPherson had been kicked on the muscle of the leg, and was unable to turn out again. This was a bit of bad luck for the Forest, who resumed in a heavy shower of rain with four forwards. Liverpool had a plethora of free kicks to commence with, and from one which had an important result, as events will show, the estimable linesman aforesaid again made himself conspicuous. He objected to Robertson sneaking three inches of ground and pointed out the precise spot for the kick. As the result of  the kick turned out all right, he was freely forgiven. The ball came to Goldie, who had it past Linacre in a jiffy, so that Liverpool were two goals up, and the ultimate result a long way towards settlement.

A lot of the glorious uncertainty of the game had departed now and one had more time to settle down and study quietly the players. Robertson, the home back, was in fine fettle; in fact, he reproduced his best form with Stoke, as everyone know what that means. Raisbeck was Raisbeck, and further in front the whole five played well, though the crowd frequently complained about Cox's neglect."

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