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At Fleetwood, in beautiful weather, before 2,000 spectators, Liverpool started, but the Rangers were first to press, and by good play, Miller drew first blood. Immediately afterwards Brogan shot cleverly and registered the first point for Rangers. Capital play by Rangers followed, McBride proving very tantalising. Colley, Bob Robinson and Craven made a fine rush, and just missed scoring. There was great excitement when Hogan put a clinker in, which Ross effectually fisted out.

Liverpool now pressed for some time. Hannah, McVean and Miller being very conspicuous. Fluctuating play followed. Ultimately Liverpool rushed and McVean scored. The visitors again worked hard, and Chapman had to score repeatedly. Brogan and Bob Robinson passed nicely. Liverpool, however, was too good, McVean registering another point. The visitors' territory was again rewarded, but only for a few minutes. The Scotchmen were certainly the pick. Half-time score: - Liverpool 3 goals, Rangers 1 goal. Final result: - Liverpool 4 goals, Rangers 1 goal.

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