Ron Yeats' reunion with Liverpool's first Euro opponents

The Icelandic Liverpool supporters' club recently invited Ron Yeats as honourary guest at its annual festival in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital. The Icelandic Reds contacted KR Reykjavik's players who played Liverpool in the first European encounter in both club's histories and invited them for this historic reunion. Yeats was surprised to learn that KR managed to score a goal at Anfield and had to be convinced that he did not score two headers vs Reykjavik even though he at first claimed so vehemantly.

What did The Icelanders remember best from their trip to Liverpool? "We all brought our wives with us. On the back page of the Daily Mirror it said "The happy go lucky Icelandic footballers bringing their wives with them!" The pictures of the wives was on the front page. We were on the back page."

Back row: Gunnar Felixson, Hordur Felixson, Thordur Jonsson, Sveinn Jonsson, Gunnar Gudmannsson and Thorgeir Gudmundsson.

Front row: Ellert Schram, Ron Yeats, Bjarni Felixson and Kristinn Jónsson.

Note: Gunnar Felixson far left in the back row scored KR's only goal vs Liverpool.

Three brothers featured for KR in the games vs Liverpool and are also the only three brothers who have played for the Icelandic national team.

Gunnar Gudmannsson's programme from the 2nd leg along with his own adjustments to the line-up in the game.

The captains shake hands at Laugardalsvollur.

The captains Ellert Schram and Yeats still seem to have unsresolved matters!

Ron had a great weekend in Iceland and was a big hit at the annual festival.


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