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Liverpool v. Southport Central - Lancashire Senior Cup (First round).

These teams met at Anfield this afternoon in the first round of the above competition. Both sides were fully represented, and there would be between 3,000 and 4,000 spectators present when Miller kicked off for the home team, a bright sun facing them. From the kick-off the Liverpool at once got down to the visitors' goal, some spirited play taking place on the left wing, Kelvin and McVean having two or three hard tussels.

Then Platt and Fleetwood got away, but were pulled up by Hannah before getting dangerous. Each goal was visited in turn. Southport then had a look in, a mistake by McGee letting in Platt, who shot yards outside. From the kick-off the Liverpool forwards instituted a concerted movement, which landed them in front of the Central goal, where some exciting play was witnessed, the ball eventually going into touch. After a short visit to the Liverpool end, a retrograde movement was inistituted by McLean, who fed his forwards; Miller passed to the left wing, where Kelvin and McVean had their work cut out with Platt and Fleetwood, and eventually Smith shot in, only to find McGee in readiness.

Hands twice in quick succession were given against the Central, but Smith, Robinson and McGee between them managed to effect a clearance. The game as a rule now ruled fast. The home team attacked again, and getting well down a corner resulted. Cameron placing it nicely, but Smith sent the ball into touch. A minute later, Kelvin sent in a scorcher, but McGee was on the alert. The Central forwards worked their way up into the Liverpool half, but the home halves were too much for them, the ball being passed to the left, where McVean went right through his opponents, a grand play which evoked cheers, but which eventually came to nothing.

A grand skirmish between Smith and Wylie and Miller and Halsall took place, and Miller getting hold, shot in nicely, but only to find McGee again on the alert. The homesters were now having decidedly the best of the play, Miller shooting in; McGee saved again, but at the expense of a couple of corners, both of which were effectually cleared. Smith and Robinson worked hard in conjunction with McGee, and just previous to half-time the latter saved five good shots. Half-time: Neither side had scored.

In the second half the Central team was rearranged, and Platt started the game. Central got down, and Fleetwood gave Ross a handful to negotiate in the first two minutes. The homesters getting hold, wended their way to the other end, when Miller sent in a scorcher, which just went wide. After the Central had had a short run down, Liverpool again returned to the attack and Wylie, shooting across to Kelvin; that player beat McGee, but, to the astoninshment of some of the spectators, the point was disallowed.

Another hot scrimmag in front of the Central goal was brought to a termination with the ball going yards over the goal. Still on the attack, Liverpool, through the aid of Wylie, got up again, and Smith (Liverpool) shot in, but Smith (Central) missing his kick, a genuine but easy goal was scored; the ball rolling harmlessly in. For Liverpool, Smith showed marvellously good form, tackling and beating his opponents time after time. Miller and Halsall also showed capital form for the Central, and, in conjunction with Platt, proved veritable thorns in the sides of the homesters times without number.

After an even spell of play, in which advantage was neutral, Liverpool awoke once more and Wylie sent in a shot which dropped on the bar's very narrow squeak. Just at this period Hannah showed glimpses of his old form, and tackled and cleared in his old style. The Central forwards got down to the Liverpool goal, but Miller sent over. Liverpool retaliated, and Smith, Cameron and Wylie got well up the right, but the latter's shot went wide of the mark.

Final Result. Liverpool 2 goals Southport Central Nil.

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