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Liverpool had out their full team for this match and West Manchester were also strongly represented. Hannah won the toss, and Bogie kicked off before a very fair attendance. West came down first, but Hannah returned, and the Liverpool players went off with good combination, Miller's delivery going wild. Walsh and Bogie now made tracking for Ross's charge, but had to be satisfied with a barren corner, the homesters breaking away and attacking strongly, but without success.

Hannah lost a free kick on the West's side of the centre line, but Sogg got possession and sent to the centre, and though play hovered around the visitors' goal for some time no opening could be found for a score. Good forward play was now shown by each set of forwards, but so good was the work of the half-backs that scoring goals was a difficult matter.

A grand movement by the Manchunians looked like culminating in a score, but Iddon failed to meet a pass, and a good chance was lost. Liverpool were soon again attacking, Entwhistle having a nasty shot from Miller to get rid of. The Manchester forwards made a brisk attack, but McLean kicked out, and Smith and Miller made tracks, but could not break down the sturdy defence of the West. In turn Hannah took the leather from two opponents, but Manchester came again, a miskick from McLean causing some anxiety, but McQue came to the rescue and sent to the centre, the Liverpool left-wing pair then securing, but again failing at Entwhistle.

The home side continued to have the best of the play, but the defence of Russell and Sugg was perfect. West Manchester now put on strong pressure, Ross, Hannah and McLean having quite as much work as they cared to tackle, five corner kicks being taken by the visitors, but all without result, Hannah clearing frequently in grand style. The play was now slow and of little interest, the visitors doing most of the attacking and forcing a couple of corners, Ross conceding yet another before Miller could break away, but only to be pulled up by Pickering, though the home right wing pair were soon placed in possession, Wyllie shooting hard against the net.

Up to the interval neither side could score a point, the defence being better than the attack on each side. The visitors up to this point had played a good game, and only the able defence of Hannah and McLean right followed the centre work, but McBride cleared in fine style, and the Liverpudlians were again on the attack. Sugg could not be passed, however, and the visitors came well up on the right, but failed in their attempt to pass McLean. Miller and Smith were conspicuous in the next forward movement but they found the West's goal packed. Sugg making a long and strong return which placed the visitors in a position, for assaulting the home fortress, and it was nearly captured from a free kick in front, Bogie sending over the bar. Manchester now put in all they knew in their endeavour to register two points, but the Liverpool defence was sound and scoring at either end was impossible. The pace was kept up to the end, the score reading - Final result. - Liverpool 3 goals, West Manchester 1 goal.

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