The best week of my life

NOU CAMP hero Craig Bellamy today brushed aside concerns about his long-term Anfield future and insisted: “I’ve had the best week of my life at Liverpool.”

The striker claimed the headlines for the right reasons in the 2-1 win in Barcelona, scoring and creating the winner for John Arne Riise during another historic Euro night for the Reds.

After such a troubling few days, the script couldn’t have been written more appropriately for the team mates involved in the notorious Algarve dust-up.

Bellamy reflected on the last five days and claimed he had no cause for regrets.

“This is the best moment I’ve had in football, the highlight of my career. I’ve been lucky and had good times for my country, but this is the best,” he said.

“It sounds mad and people can write want they want, but we have a quiet group of lads here and the last week has been the best we have had since I came here in terms of having a laugh. It’s brought us all closer as group, and maybe because we had Barcelona coming up we knew that we had to work for each other. It’s all turned out perfectly.

"A club in turmoil? We’ve had a decent week. We were all looking forward to this game and nothing could spoil that.

“This is how it happens for me. I don’t read what’s in the papers, so it’s not been a problem for me. It’s all out of my control what people write about me. All I could do was work hard and try to get selected to play in a special atmosphere.

“I didn’t feel I owed a performance, except for the fact it’s my boy’s tenth birthday, so that was for him. If anyone scored, that celebration was part of the deal.”

Bellamy’s long-term Anfield career has been widely debated since Sunday, but it’s clear the Welshman is unperturbed by the speculation.

“I feel as if I’ve always been asked about my future at every club I’ve been,” he said.

“It was the same at Blackburn last year when I was linked everywhere, and when I was at Newcastle I was always linked with someone else.

“I’m used to that, and when you’re at a big club like Liverpool and you’re my sort of player, you’ll always hear someone wants to get rid of you, so it’s not unusual for me.”

Bellamy is determined the efforts in Spain don’t go to waste during the return leg, but insists there’s no prospect of Liverpool feeling the hard work is done.

He said: “There’s still a long way to go and Anfield will be a completely different game. It was important we didn’t milk it up at the end and let them see us celebrating as if it’s all over, because we all know it isn’t. We were as subdued as you can be when you win at the Nou Camp.”

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