Wakeham nods and Hunt's up

That genius in size 4 boots Ernie Taylor, still a great artist, turned out though hadn't quite recovered from a chill. What a blessing for Sunderland!

Without him the Wearsiders could have caught a cold and their unbeaten-since-December home record could so easily have gone.

He and skipper Stan Anderson maintained a steadying influence in midfield which was very necessary during a lot of rough and tumble and whistle. Referee Arthur Luty must have been exhausted with talking - and blowing.

A peach of a Taylor pass gave Fogarty a goal half a minute before the interval. And though they were fortunate to be leading then, that one goal seemed ample to keep Sunderland in the promotion race.

The Roker boys bossed the second half. In one particular 30-second spell of furious pounding Liverpool escaped almost miraculously.

Four piledrivers from the right wing pair of Fraser and Fogarty were saved or scrambled away - one of them off the line by captain Moran.
Yet one of Liverpool's six weak attacks in this half won them a point. Moran hoofed a low one, and hesitant thinking by keeper Wakeham allowed Hunt to lob the ball into the net.


That Hunt goal ten minutes from time partly - but not completely - saved his face. He wasted the game's three easiest chances, one with only two minutes left.

Few men increased their prestige. But Grainger, with a dashing show, added another reminder that he is out to oust cousin Holliday from the England team.

Grainger looked far more likely to return to the international side than another former England left winger A'Court.

The Liverpool winger got so little joy out of 17-year-old Irwin that he switched with right winger Morrissey near the end.

Liverpool looked too much past their peak to be considered for promotion, though Rudham was a fine 'keeper.

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