5-goal yawn for Kop

Don't be misled by the score - the biggest Liverpool have piled up since manager Bill Shankly took over. They weren't all that good.

But Stoke were unbelievably wretched. They had no forward punch, no system at half-back and backs who panicked at the slightest threat.

What little heart Stoke had went out of them in the 19th minute when Harrower pounced on a mis-kick by Andrews and scored with a 15-yard drive to put Liverpool two up.

Few teams can give Liverpool a two goal start so early. The Anfielders just roared in with a non-stop crack which, though often crude, crushed Stoke.

Young Hunt will be thinking that if Allen, Stoke's left back, is England class, he might not have to wait long for a cap himself.

Hapless Allen

The Liverpool inside-right showed some superb ball control and a body swerve that had Allen on the wrong foot from the start.

He got Liverpool's first goal with a header in the 14th minute and started the attack that led to Liddell scoring the third.

During the constant barrage of Liverpool shots Stoke had a couple of chances when White let in Bentley and King. But their shots were off-target and one landed in the street.

There was much wild shooting in the Liverpool attack, too, or this score could have been double. Dave Hickson, Harrower and A'Court, with only Geoff Hickson in the Stoke goal to beat, somehow missed.

But it didn't matter. Goals by Dave Hickson and Harrower took Liverpool's score to five. The game was so one-sided in the second half that even the goal-happy Koppites got bored.

Bentley got Stoke's loan goal in the last few minutes after tempers had become frayed and he and Leishman had had their names taken.
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