Liverpool too cocky

This fighting Portsmouth team came from behind to crack cultured Liverpool and earn full marks in any book.

Liverpool looked to have this game in their pocket when Harrower was given all the time in the world to shoot them into a 13th minute lead.

They made it one-way traffic towards Beattie, but they could not smash in another goal which would have clinched the points - and made it nine games in a row unbeaten.

Maybe Liverpool took things too cockily. Certainly this casual approach cost them the game.

Inspired them

The man who inspired Pompey's win was Cutler. This bright, shrewd little man chivvied the Pompey forwards into all-out action.

It was a goal by Wilson that finally shook Liverpool out of their stride.

For nearly half an hour they had been moving sweetly, but without bite. When Wilson equalised they tried hard to grab a winner. But they tried too hard.

They were caught napping when Chapman swung over a perfect ball for Harris to nod in the winner.

Hunt is still wondering how he missed one sitter. An opening set up by Hickson and Liddell left him with an open goal. But he threw it away by trying to walk the ball in.

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