Hickson's best for Liverpool

Swansea had inside-right Davies suffering from a knee injury received in 11 minutes, but even so they were never a real threat to Liverpool.

Davies received a cut on his right knee which exposed the bone, and he was off for 20 minutes having the wound stitched.

He returned, and was only just baulked by Molyneux before striking the bar.

In a controlled Liverpool combination, Dave Hickson played his best game since being secured from Everton.

Lanky Mel Nurse could not control Hickson even in the air, and Hickson's use of the ball compared with the accuracy which veteran Billy Liddell showed.

Liddell was not as much in the game, but when he was he accomplished things with rare precision, making the first two goals by his own competence.

Liverpool took the lead in 11 minutes when Liddell's centre was turned aside by Hunt for Hickson to lash it into the net.

Although brilliant work by John King in the Swansea goal kept Liverpool at bay for long spells, in the 44th minute Liddell, from the outside left position, headed the ball in so accurately that Hickson was able to head the ball over King into the net.

King brought the house down with a magnificent save from Wheeler.

Only criticism of Liverpool is that they were too often prone to treat the affair all too lightly.

In 58 minutes, Wheeler and Hickson split wide the Swansea defence and Roger Hunt increased the lead with a beautifully-placed shot from 18 yards.

It was all against the run of play when in 64 minutes Allchurch and Webster enabled Reynolds to reduce the arrears.

A minute from time, with the Swansea half-backs still completely incapable of holding the Liverpool forwards, Harrower enabled Hunt to grab another goal, to bring the score line more in keeping with the trend of play.

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