Shot-shyness is barrier to Liverpool

A good point for Liverpool from a hard, tense, often exciting and always entertaining match. They could have won if they had shot more regularly, for it was this reluctance which robbed them of full reward in the long period of supremacy they had in the second half.

It came immediately after half-time and the Plymouth goal was the scene of several scrambles due to Liverpool's mistaken policy of taking the ball too close, instead of trying a shot before the defence had time to take covering positions.

In the finish Liverpool had to contend with a revived Argyle and if Liverpool could claim to be unfortunate when Fulton headed off the line from Hunt with only a couple of minutes left. It had to be remembered that former Everton centre forward Kirkby had previously somehow put his header past the wrong side of the post from about four yards out.

A draw was perhaps the fairest result because Plymouth had one or two good spells and missed more chances.

Sturdy Defence

It was a game of hard tackling by both defences and after Liverpool had opened promisingly with A'Court shooting over. Argyle put on their best spurt with wing halves Newman and Williams providing excellent backing for an attack which moved quickly and used the wingers Anderson and Penk excellently.

During this time Liverpool had a lot of anxiety, for twice Carter was through and on the second occasion beat Slater as he and the goalkeeper collided but the ball trickled outside.

If Kirkby's shooting had been as good as some of his heading I think Liverpool would have been behind before the half-hour, for twice he sliced the ball hopelessly when good work by Anderson and McAnearney had left him with ample time to pick his spot.

Liverpool went into the lead with 32 minutes gone when Hickson suddenly produced that dash which makes him so dangerous and before Fincham or goalkeeper Barnsley could do anything about Hunt's headed flick from A'Court's pass, Hickson had the ball in the net.
Hickson's joy at scoring after an eventful week was apparent and if he was not much in the game his demeanour all the time was faultless.

But for a very good save by Barnsley from Hunt, Liverpool might well have made the game safe just after Hickson's goal, for they went on top.

Plymouth, however, had Anderson and Penk to pose a problem for the defence and when Argyle came again before the interval it was Anderson who swung over the centre from which Penk headed in strongly and when Slater knocked the ball out, Carter slotted the equaliser three minutes before half-time.

During Liverpool's second half ascendancy A'Court, striding down the wing, put over centres which should have brought results if first time shooting had been in Liverpool's armoury. Harrower must be faulted on this score and so must Hunt on a couple of occasions, but against this Hunt was the Anfield chaser and menace.

He did excellently and I recall two headers which brought the best from Barnsley and then in the last minute he beat the goalkeeper to A'Court's cross only to see Fulton nodding away from the line.

Harrower did a lot of probing without finish and Hickson's quietness left Hunt and A'Court the best forwards, for Liddell was the most effective when centring. He tried hard to get a shooting opening, but, one felt, lacked the essential final speed.

Moran, if not always happy against Penk, played steadily as did all the defence, with White, who had to have a stitch in a cut eye lid, just as good as was Fincham for Argyle.

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