Kop roars Liverpool to victory

Despite having led 2-0 and despite two bad blunders, both of which cost goals by their new Scottish goalkeeper, Slater, Liverpool deservedly beat newly-promoted Hull City by five goals to three at Anfield. The recovery from 0-2 was pretty typical, with the Kop crowd roaring encouragement and having one of the finest goals ever seen on the ground, by Harrower, as part of their reward.

It was this goal which sparked the chain-effect of Liverpool's rally. Harrower survived an appeal for a foul charge at the start of his run; went on undisturbed, beat three men in close order and then, after making his shooting angle a few degrees squarer, hit a left foot shot which flummoxed deputy goalkeeper Fisher, and sent spectators wild with enthusiasm.

The goal was followed by others from Melia (a header from a Liddell centre), from Moran (a free-kick shot which flew low and unerringly through the wall of defenders for his first goal for the club), from Liddell (a rather lucky goalbound shot) and from A'Court (probably the best shot of his career).

Three of these goals came in the short space of 13 minutes, but it was the fact that Liverpool scored all five into the Kop end goal in the second-half which really stirred the fans.

The last time Liverpool got five in one half was against Brighton last season.

Goalkeeping errors

Hull City's goals - two by Coates, both headers, and one from the foot of winger Metcalfe - shocked Liverpool in more senses than one.

Slater palmed upwards and over his head into the net one of Coates' efforts and when Metcalfe scored with a lob from the wing the ball curved gently over the goalkeeper's outstretched arms and over the line, leaving spectator and player alike speechless.

In the circumstances Liverpool did well to get both points in a match which they might well have found themselves losing everything through those goalkeeping mistakes. Slater is quick and good when dealing with low shots, but his lack of inches and the fact that he was facing the strong glare of the sun made him particularly susceptible to any ball coming in high.

Before the Metcalfe goal he discarded the cap which might have shielded his eyes from the effect of the sun.

Though the Harrower goal was the one which really set recovery in motion the interchange before the interval of Liddell and A'Court led to first hint that Liverpool were going to make a success of the game.

A'Court had his best match for many months. He was full of life and enthusiasm and in the centre found greater scope for manoeuvre.

Liddell lost little by the change and his centres were always models and cried out for such conversion as Melia was able to make with his header.

A noticeable feature of the Liverpool attack was the greater by-play between Melia, Liddell and Harrower. Melia had an especially good match and for once the three inside men seemed attuned to each other and eager to move in unison rather than individually. More of this, please!

Liddell was not so successful as against Bristol City, but he scored, had a hand in others and struck the woodwork with a shot which seemed likely to round off a fine move with a picture goal.

Hull City were good up to a point - the point at which Liverpool got a hold of them and shook them with a characteristically fierce come back of the sort which sends the fans home happy. But for some misfortune - Morrissey also hit the goal frame - and some good goalkeeping by Fisher, Bly's deputy, Liverpool's victory would have been even more convincing.

The Liverpool attack got a fine service of passes from Twentyman and Wilkinson. Moran had difficulty with Hull's best forward, Clarke.

Fisher's excellence and the fairness and toughness of Feasey, who had a fine game against Liddell, were other Hull City strong points, but Hull seem to be in for a rough time in this higher grade.

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