Liverpool find Shaw too hot on spot

Two penalties in three minutes by left-back Graham Shaw gave United the victory that keeps them at the top of Division Two. But what a narrow shave it was!

Liverpool appeared to have snatched the points when little Morrissey, stand-in outside-right, headed them into the lead after 63 minutes.

Then, after 74 minutes, came the first penalty - and that started from a fluke. Right-winger Kevin Lewis completely missed his kick from a Simpson centre but found time to make an ungainly hook into the goalmouth, where Billy Russell's head was waiting to steer the ball home. Reserve right-half Bobby Campbell fisted out what would have been a certain goal and Shaw scored from the penalty.

Three minutes later came the second penalty, this time Simpson was brought down heavily by right back Molyneux. Again Shaw obliged from the spot.

So the game ended in a flourish after an hour's boredom. Too many passes were going astray for worthwhile attacks to be built.

Willy Hamilton, Sheffield's brilliant young Scottish inside-right, started the match in devastating form - and ended it completely subdued by Barry Wilkinson.

Otherwise Liverpool's defence did not look as competent as United's well-drilled outfit, marshalled by skipper Joe Shaw.

Great saves

If Liverpool goalkeeper Doug Rudham had not been in great form United might have been at least two up by half-time.

His first spectacular save came after only nine minutes when he dived at Hamilton's feet. Then he made a wonderful leap to save from - of all people - his own centre-half, Dick White, who nearly turned a Lewis shot into goal.

White made up for this by kicking successive drives from Summers and Hamilton off the line a minute before the interval.

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