Swans win fantastic see-saw

This was fabulous fighting football with a fantastic Liverpool pulling back a 3-1 Swansea Town lead, sneaking ahead by one goal themselves and then seeing Reynolds snatch Swansea Town's winner only 60 seconds away from the end.

I pity the only man in the 20,000 crowd who revelled in this football in the sun. Welsh selector Arthur Barrett, of Rhyl, had to attempt to assess Mel Nurse, potential Welsh centre-half against England at Cardiff in a fortnight's time.

My own guess is that Nurse has made it in spite of one handling award against him which put Liverpool in the lead for four minutes in the second half.

In front of a jittering John King in goal, he marshalled a Swansea defence often scratched dangerously thin by a Liverpool attack which boasted Jimmy Melia as its prompter-in-chief.

The goals tell the story of a scintillating game. Reserve wing-half Malcolm Kennedy thought he had made a nightmare start to his League side comeback when he conceded Liverpool an own goal in the eighth minute.

For once, misfortune did not rock Swansea out of their stride. Within three minutes Reg Davies equalised. Four minutes later Len Allchurch got the second after wandering to the left wing and, by the 24th minute, when Colin Webster got the third, cool, calm and collected Swansea seemed home.

Liddell's mark

They reckoned without Arnell and A'Court. The pair combined to pull King out of goal, Dai Thomas put the only blot on a great game by handling Alan A'Court's final header, and little Jimmy Melia signalled Liverpool's fight back with a penalty.

That was after 28 minutes, and the goal which made it 3-3 arrived four minutes later.

Billy Liddell, Mr Liverpool himself, stamped his mark on the game with one of his immaculate crosses from the right wing and inside-right Roger Hunt made it a goal.

The incredible pace told its tale on the second half until full-back Ronnie Moran brought it to life again. In the 70th minute, awarded a direct free-kick when Nurse handled just outside the area, the Liverpool full-back spotted the gap between blocking line and the post, found it perfectly, and it was Swansea trailing again.

Then came the Bayley Reynolds rescue act which could have made him a late contender for Wales' centre-forward position when the team is announced on Monday.

Liverpool goalkeeper Doug Rudham had been signalling to the Liverpool trainer that he was suffering from double vision, but he could not have done anything about Reynolds' two goals.

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