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The return League match between these clubs took place at Anfield on Saturday. About 6,000 spectators witnessed the game, which was played in very foggy weather. Both teams were short of their full complement, William McOwen and Malcolm McVean still being on the sick list, whilst Ardwick have dispensed with their right wing, James Yates and Hugh Morris, who have gone to Sheffield United.

Henderson kicked off, and after Stott had been robbed by Middleton McBride secured possession, and a very pretty sequence of passes took place between Stott, McQueen, and Henderson, the left winger eventually obtaining a foul off McVickers close in, from which a fierce attack was put upon the visitors’ goal, McBride being greatly to the fore, ultimately causing Douglas to throw away.

A forward movement by the Ardwick forwards was checked by McQue, who gave Stott a chance, but again the-over-alert Douglas intervened, and no tangible result accrued. Middleton obtained the kick-off a little later on, and worked the ball down the right with Saddington and Pickford, but McLean was too good, and sent them to the rightabout.

From a pass by Henderson Dick was then given an opening, but he made a bad miss of it. Immediately afterwards the same player made amends with a splendid shot, which Douglas just cleared. Several corners then fell to Liverpool, and of which proved useless, and the Egan burst away past McLean, but his final shot was wide of the mark.

Again the Ardwick forwards brought the ball into the Liverpool quarters, Milarvie shooting in strongly, but with a poor direction. After Henderson had conveyed an individual effort, in which he was defeated, Saddington and his partner tricked McLean and crossed over to their left wing, from whose return Saddington made a sad mall of a most easy chance. Play once more ranged in the vicinity of Douglas, and at length Stott sent the ball into the net with terrific force.

The second half had barely commenced when Gordon caused all eyes to be directed upon him, as he sprinted past all opposition and appeared to repeat his Notts County feat, but McVickers got up to him just in time, and Gordon’s shot was badly directed.

From this time the Liverpool team had a decided advantage, and with the exception of an occasional burst away by the Ardwick forwards, the home team were continuous aggressors, Gordon being the cause of Douglas being defeated by McQueen, and again later on, when Henderson headed a third point for Liverpool.

Towards the end of the game the fog became very dense, and the movements of the players were but partially discernible, although it was seen that Liverpool still maintained a persistent attack upon their enemy’s stronghold. At length the whistle blew, leaving Liverpool victors by 3 goals to nil.

Copyright - Liverpool Mercury - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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