Liverpool need a good centre

Liverpool finished far above their neighbours, and that was a little surprising. They were not so spectacular, but they were much more thorough and purposeful, even though they had to convert Gordon Hodgson into a stop-gap centre-forward. The young South African often played with a good deal of success in the position, but the club must realise that they still need a first-class centre-forward to make the line satisfactorily.

I believe that they have tried to secure David McCrae of St Mirren, who is considered to be the best centre-forward in Scotland, but he is at least a £6,000 man, and Liverpool are one of the clubs who have never paid big transfer fees. They have engaged two new forwards from Scotland, John Quinn (Albion Rovers) and John Marshall (Stoneywood, Aberdeen).

Copyright Daily Mail, 13-08-1929 - Transcribed by Kjell Hanssen

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